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Thanks to Congress, the federal government shutdown this morning. But it’s not all bad for Washingtonians! The pandas and cuttle fish are still being cared for, you (probably) won’t get a parking ticket, and there’s so many damn drink specials. So really, thanks, Congress!
PLUS we’re here to make these times that much better with a $5 off promo for our Bentzen Ball Found Footage Festival vs. Everything Is Terrible show AND the after party that follows suit.
We’ve got They Might Be Giants and Animal Collective DJing, NPR’s Bob Boilen, and Tig Notaro’s iPod – hope you like Indigo Girls! – on lock after the two top found video groups sissy fight to see who reigns supreme.
Tickets are on sale nowand just enter the promotional code “shutdown” to get $5 off  – that means $13 tickets for both the FFF vs. EIT throwdown and the oh-so-awesome after party, or just $5 tickets for the MAGICAL party. But come on, if you’re furloughed (or not!) you can party all night.