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I listened to SBTRKT’s ‘Ready Set Loop’ on repeat this past weekend, which makes me really glad to tell you we can go see SBTRKT live this week! Of course, even if you’re more of the not-SBTRKT persuasion, there are still quite a few shows to get excited about in the next seven days. BUT let’s get the ones you SHOULDN’T be excited about out of the way first, because there are plenty of SOLD OUT situations, too:

Monday 10/8, Frightened Rabbit Apparently those tickets were cheap gold.
Wednesday 10/10, Swans PURE LUNACY.
Wednesday 10/10, Texas Is The Reason Tickets were not still there when we got back.
Wednesday 10/10, Friday 10/12, Saturday 10/13, Morrissey Obviously.
Thursday 10/11, Coheed and Cambria DON’T BOTHER TO WRITE.
Sunday 10/14, Silversun Pickups Too bad your lazy eye didn’t spot tickets…

Okay, so let’s move on to the shows that are more in the not-sold-out range:


  • If you’re already an AC Newman fan, this first thing’s perfect for you; just buy the new album and you’ll be admitted “free” of charge to tonight’s show at the Rock Shop.
  • For more interview magic, check out this one we did with Jens Lekman. THEN, go check him out live at Terminal 5.
  • Not into any of those options? Well I KNOW you’ll be all about this MNDR show at Le Baron!


  • If I were to attend both of tonight’s shows, it’d kind of be like a mini high school reunion. See also: NOSTALGIA. First up we’ve got Coheed and Cambria, whose song ‘A Favor House Atlantic‘ (when it wasn’t on TRL) basically lived inside my brain. Possible deterrents: this is a “free” show in that you’ve got to pre-order the album to gain entry, AND it’s also located on Long Island. BUT SO WHAT WHO CARES.
  • The NEXT stop on our trip down memory lane is this Ben Folds Five show at the Capitol Theatre. Granted, it’ll cost you nearly $50 to attend, but I repeat: SO WHAT WHO CARES.


  • If you’ve somehow managed to miss one of the million Action Bronson performances in NYC the last few months, now’s your chance to join the club; you can catch a free show at Public Assembly tonight w/ RSVP.
  • But eff that last thing, ’cause Fiona Apple is playing the Capitol Theatre tonight, and there is NO WAY we should ever miss that.


  • If you’re running low on pocket money at this point, NO WORRIES; you can catch this Van She Tech set featuring Luke Jenner (The Rapture) for zero dollars provided you RSVP.
  • Or if you didn’t get your fill of nostalgia from Tuesday night, it’ll please you to know that Blues Traveler is doing a show tonight, too!
  • But then again, it’s complete understandable if you want to give Blues Traveler the run-around and hit up this Menomena show instead…
  • You could also always just come hang out with me at this SBTRKT show, where I will try my best to request ‘Ready Set Loop’ on REPEAT.


  • To start off the evening, let’s go check out Menomena AGAIN tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg!
  • Or maybe we didn’t get enough Fiona Apple on Wednesday, in which case let’s head to the Wellmont Theatre for even more musical magic.


  • HOLD THE (Zack Morris) PHONE, GUYS. Blues Traveler is playing AGAIN tonight, but THIS TIME it’s with the effing SPIN DOCTORS. We can’t not go to this. We just can’t not.
  • Or how about our favorite weirdos Tilly and the Wall? It’ll only set you back $16 to see them, so you really have no excuse.
  • I’m also ALL about this Matias Aguayo show at Cameo Gallery tonight. Slightly more expensive than the last thing, but only by $4!

Did I forget to include the best show ever? If so, please whisper it in my Internet ear (also called the comments section and/or Twitter @BYTNYC) and I’ll get it sorted.