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Are you guys super broke because you spent $18 on a ticket to see Finding Nemo in 3D? No? Well I AM, so it’s a good thing there’s a large proportion of free and/or reasonably priced concerts this week. Before we get into all that, though, let’s talk about the concerts you WON’T be going to, because they are SUPER sold out:

Tuesday 9/18, The Killers The Killers just KILLED YOU.
Wednesday 9/19, Austra / Doldrums / Zambri Lose it? LOST IT.
Friday 9/21, Purity Ring / Evian Christ / Headaches HEADACHES.
Friday 9/21, Ed Sheeran / Passenger / Selah Sue WE DON’T NEED YOU, ED.

Okay. Now we can finally move onto the things that still have tickets available!


  • We’ve also got Deerhoof / Buke and Gase / People Get Ready at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $17, but at least it’s cheaper than a ticket to Finding Nemo in 3D! Buy yourself a slice of pizza with that extra dollar.


  • If God is a DJ and life is a dance floor, then Rockefeller Plaza is most definitely Hell on Earth. But you can always go and test the waters yourself at this free Pink concert, which will take place at the VERY reasonable hour of 6am!
  • And hey, here’s ANOTHER free show tonight featuring Band of Horses at the House of Vans! Fingers crossed for free booze at that one, too…
  • And while you’ll have to cough up $25 for this Michael Kiwanuka show, we HIGHLY recommend it. And in an interview we conducted with him recently, it would appear he is SINGLE and (possibly) ready to mingle. PRO TIP: if you feel like buying him a drink, he enjoys whiskey and/or ale.


  • Or, if you’ve got some cash to spare right now, go soothe your work week woes with the sounds of Bon Iver, which can be made yours for just $40-$50! Can’t make it tonight? Not a problem; there are like a million (read: several) other opportunities for you to catch the show this week.
  • If Bon Iver sounds like a snore-fest, though, you can also always hit up Terminal 5 for this performance by The Offspring, where you are sure to stay wide-awake thanks to the abrasive sounds that are Dexter Holland’s vocal cords.
  • Why don’t we close out the evening the same way we started it, with F-R-E-E DJ Sets by Austra and Doldrums, aka the acts that you can’t actually pay to go see since tickets are sold out for the earlier live show. (Thanks, universe!)


  • For a doozy of a free show, try your luck at scoring entry to this Diplo and Santigold show; it’s a Cole Haan gimmick, so you’ll have to head to the Facebook page to enter for a chance to go. BUT it’s likely that this will be 1) a great show, and 2) filled with free alcohol. So let’s at least try, okay?
  • You can also fork over $17 for a guaranteed spot at this Wye Oak show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, which is not as exciting, but at least it’s a sure bet.


  • Let’s conserve our drinkin’ money by taking advantage of this second opportunity to see a MNDR DJ Set for free this week! It’s part of the Gang Gang Dance after party at Public Assembly; if you’d like to actually see Gang Gang Dance, though, you’re going to need to pay $20.
  • Then again, we COULD just pay $12 to go see Laetitia Sadier and Orca Team play Mercury Lounge this evening. (PS did anyone else just imagine the end scene of Free Willy?!)
  • Or we could always continue trying to woo Michael Kiwanuka with alcoholic beverages at his show tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg.


  • If you feel like downloading another useless app on your phone, then this free Stars concert is right up your alley! You’ll need to download Thrillcall’s app to score the $0 tickets, which sounds like a lot of effort, but to each his own or something.


  • And if for some reason we still have money left over on Sunday morning, then let’s just blow it all on $40-$50 tickets to see Metric at Radio City Music Hall!

That was really great, I feel really great! If you don’t feel so great, though, tell me why in the comments and/or on Twitter @BYTNYC.