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I bet you are just SO stressed out this week because you’ve got to run around to all the different fashion events, and seeing the world from behind sunglasses all the time is really taxing. So maybe you would like to unwind with some musical events that don’t include watching tall, skinny people walking down a runway? If you said “No, no I would prefer to watch the music plus models, Megan,” then I can really only point you in the generally hypnotic direction of Fashion TV. BUT if you said, “YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!” Then here are some opportunities that might be up your alley this week. Well, apart from the following SOLD OUT shows, that is…

Monday 9/10, The Vaccines No hope for this one.

Tuesday 9/11, Lianne La Havas Her love was just not big enough for us.

Wednesday 9/12, Alt-J This WOULD have been something good, but NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Saturday 9/15, Kendrick Lamar No Need to be right on time for this one, ’cause you’re not getting in.

It’s okay, the sunglasses that are permanently glued to your face this week will hide your tears. In the meantime, CHEER UP, CHARLIE, because here are some non-sold out situations:



  • Do you know what the website of Amanda Palmer says at the top? It says “The Official Website of Amanda Fucking Palmer. Yes It Is.” Why do you think they had to add the “Yes It Is,” at the end? Do you think they were predicting an Internet user to go, “No, no it is NOT,” and just wanted to make things explicitly clear? Whatever the reason, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra are performing tonight. Yes They Is.


  • Yeasayer, Tanlines, Daedelus are performing tonight, which is good news since you were probably one of the sad people who didn’t get to see Yeasayer last time they had a sold out show!
  • Dragonette, The Knocks are also performing, which is good news for ME because I really effing love that song “Pick Up the Phone.” In fact, I am going to listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day.


  • Turbofruits with Roomrunner will be putting on a show tonight of the raucous jangle-punk variety, which makes me imagine they will be wearing a lot of bangles and acting in a generally raucous way.
  • The guys from Alberta Cross will be playing tonight for the last leg of their tour, so you should probably catch them now or regret it for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


  • You can also catch Devotchka, Clare and the Reasons tonight, and also reminisce about how awesome Little Miss Sunshine was. If you can’t catch them tonight, they’ll ALSO be doing repeats on Saturday and Sunday. NO EXCUSES.


  • WARNING! Serious Green Day fans only! PS I didn’t even make that up; Green Day and/or whoever runs their Facebook page does NOT want any less than “Numero Uno Fan” status at this free concert at Irving Plaza today, which I guess means they would prefer it if you were fluent in Spanish as well.
  • I got really tired of filling out the paperwork on Heineken’s website after I already had to tell them my birth date to enter the site, so I am 80% positive that what I am about to tell you is true. And that is that Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Q-Tip and DJ Clark Kent will be putting on a free show while you drink free Heineken.


SO MUCH! But if I’ve forgotten to include anything, and/or you are NOT unimpressed with Monday and wish I hadn’t McKayla Maroney’d it, then by all means tell me about it in the comments, and/or tweet it to @BYTNYC.