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Compiled by Alyssa Moody and Philip Chevalier  — Blurbs by Philip Chevalier

Look, it’s simple: Every week we’ll be bringing you all the information you can handle about the cool concerts to hit up in D.C. Don’t say we don’t love you. (p.s. BANDS/VENUES-looking to get your shows in front of us? Just head over to our AGENDA page, it is super easy to post your events there and it guarantees us seeing them).




  • “Hey, little thing, let me light your candle. ‘Cause mama I’m sure hard to handle now, gets around.” Or, as we’ve all been singing it for years, “Hey little thing, lick me like a kennel, ’cause mama I’m sho na to hanana, missana.” Unless you hopped on it early, you will not be witnessing Black Crowes @ 9:30 Club (MF’ing S O L D O U T


  • Not many people noticed Port St Willow last year, even though Holiday is a rock-solid debut effort. It’s pretty awesome, then, that their label decided to re-issue it with a previously unreleased 25 minute song tacked on at the end. Stream the album here, and buy tickets to go see  Port St. Willow @ DC 9


  • Looking to get your DC Hard Core scene fix? We are pleased to recommend Teamster @ Velvet Lounge tonight for anyone looking to get their face melted and/or their soul crushed.



  • Fleetwood Mac @ Verizon Center  Here it is. You’ve been waiting for it patiently. Fleetwood Mac is a band that no one hates – you love ’em, your parents love ’em, your grandparents love ’em, and when those little fuckers arrive someday, your kids will love them just the same. See them while you still can.


  • Caveman @ Black Cat Synth textures and vibrant melodies. Caveman’s self-titled sophomore effort is fabulous for walking around the city this time of year (and will be even more perfect once these damn cherry blossoms actually blossom. Someone really ought to start a We Are the People petition calling for sanctions on Japan for giving us these faulty trees).


  • The Cave Singers w/ Bleeding Rainbow @ Rock ‘n Roll Hotel Hailing from Seattle, WA, The Cave Singers will hit up RnR Hotel this Tuesday in order to give us a taste of their new album Naomi (Jagjagwar 2013). I know – two bands with the word “cave” in their name on the same night – shit’s pretty confusing. Flip a coin if you want to; either side is a winner.


  • Skaters @ DC 9 Skaters makes fun, agressive indie punk. They are absolutely worth getting to know, and we wouldn’t tell you to go see ’em if we thought you’d hate it. Listen/watch here, and get your ass to DC9 this Tuesday. 



  • Mika @ Sixth and I  (MF’ing S O L D O U T) Mika describes his new album as one that borrows stylistically from Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac. That is all. 


  • Hot Chip @ 9:30 (MF’ing S O L D O U T) Nerd-pop is probably not an actual genre. If it were, Hot Chip would definitely be a “nerd-pop” band. I mean that with the utmost respect for both nerds and pop music in general. No mo’ tickets, though. Too bad.


  • Immortal Technique @ The Howard Theatre Felipe Andres Coronel has been rapping angrily (and awesomely) for years. If you haven’t witnessed his justified displeasure with US Foreign Policy and institutionalized racism, you should do so this Wednesday. 


  • The Bad Plus @ The Hamilton The Bad Plus are musical professionals, and on their albums that becomes super apparent. Any live show of theirs promises to be spectacularly impressive. See them at the Hamilton this Wednesday as they tour behind their eighth studio album Made Possible. 


  • The 2 Bears w/Morri$ @ U Hall These furry Englishmen do not fuck around when it comes to supplying heady beats. My prediction for Wednesday night’s show? A distinct chance of perspiration. They must have a pretty awesome dry cleaner. 


  • New Noise 008: GEMS @ Gibson Showcase All Things Go is up to some exciting stuff – this week, hosting a showcase at Gibson Guitars DC showroom. GEMS, DC based ‘dream-pop’ spritelings, are sure to enchant.


  • Bonobo @ Black Cat (MF’ing S O L D O U T) Well, you’re not going to be able to get any tickets for this one, but it’s pretty exciting nonetheless. Bonobo has been around the block, rounding out 14 years of DJing that somewhere evolved into a full-band, live instrumental experience. Next time, guys. Next time. 
  • Wonderland Presents – Local Music “Church Night”!  w/ Harris Face and Linsay Deming



  • Cold War Kids @ 9:30 Club (MF’ing S O L D O U T) In a 2010 interview with Filtered Magazine, CWK front man Nathan Willet said, “Wilco is to country/Americana as Cold War Kids is to soul/punk.” I have no idea if that’s true, but the analogy is definitely worth pondering until they come back this way again.


  • Chappo @ Black Cat Chappo is prepared to take you to unfathomable musical heights this Thursday. You might think you’ve pegged these guys, but there’s definitely more there than meets the eye. Intro-ing their second song on this awesome live radio performance, frontman Alex Chappo notes, “This is a song that has been incorrectly defined as a ‘breakup song’. It is not a breakup song. It’s about drifting into unconsciousness.”


  • Chad Valley w/ Ghost Beach @ Rock ‘n Roll Hotel There’s something daring about Chad Valley’s approach to pop music. Whether it’s applying Spice Girls lyrics in newfound and interesting ways, or delivering an ’80s sound that ripples with fun enthusiasm, the takeaways from his set are likely to be extraordinary.


  • Mindless Self Indulgence @ Rams Head Live Oh, what to say about the infamously talented/bombastic MSI. When not releasing comics about their career or touring with Insane Clown Posse, one can only guess what these entertainers are up to. Into early May, they’ll be touring the country behind their fifth studio release, and every show stands to be its own special experience. The frontman’s name is Jimmy Urine, for Christ’s sake.


  • Amy Schumer @ Sixth and I (MF’ing S O L D O U T) This gal is hilarious – it’s true. Too bad it’s too late to buy tickets. In related news, Sixth and I is stepping their booking game up this month – hard.



  • NETSKY @ The Howard Theatre Boris Daenen produces Drum and Bass music of the “liquid funk” variety. Only 24 years old, he’s quickly secured a reputation across the Old World as a production wizard. What the fuck have you been up to?



  • Jamie Lidell w/ Empress Of @ Rock ‘n Roll Hotel Jamie Lidell IS soul. With a new album to tour, and a sample recently included in a Lil Wayne track, he’s got a lot of great material to showcase. this Friday’s show will likely result in many unplanned pregnancies. 


  • Julio Bashmore @ U Hall In a list that features its fair share of European electronic artists, Julio Bashmore is a standout. U  Hall on Friday night is going to sound like this, but LOUD AS SHIT. 


  • The King Khan & BBQ Show @ Ottobar Montreal is a pretty weird place, and that’s certainly not a secret that this garage-rock duo have attempted to keep. King Khan (formerly known as Blacksnake, during his days touring with ’90s band Spaceshits) is headed to Ottobar with his long-time musical partner, BBQ. You can do the math on how they landed on their band name.


  • Gilded Lily Burlesque @ Black Cat You think you’ve seen burlesque before? Think again, asshole. This Baltimore troupe is second to none, and this Friday anyone lucky enough to go see them at the Cat will no doubt get their fill of witty, sexy entertainment. 


  • Lianne La Havas @ 9:30 Club (MF’ing S O L D O U T) It’s too late to get tickets to see this soulful UK songstress at work, but it’s certainly not too late to start loving her. Her recent effort Is Your Love Big Enough? is available through her website, but in the meantime feel free to make your day better by streaming her soundcloud page





  • Wavves @ Rock ‘n Roll Hotel (MF’ing S O L D O U T) I know. I’m bummed as shit about this, too. California slacker Nathan Williams has not failed us yet – and I was looking forward to copping a Wavves weed-grinder, unless he quit peddling his stoner wears. 



  • Cloud Cult @ Black Cat The Minneapolis, MN band is coming to the Cat this weekend to tour their newest LP: Love (via Earthology Records). If I could pick one attribute to highlight about this band, they have mastered the art of the build-up. This is definitely evidenced in their ethereal, hypnotically layered first single from Love, which you can listen to here.


  • Big Sean @ The Fillmore Thank the LAWD it’s not too late to get tickets to go see Big Sean. It is a proven fact that his live shows have erry’body “oh my goshing,” and, if you hadn’t heard, he’s an equal opportunity seducer: “white girls, black girls, tall girls, fat girls – Shake that ass … Short girls, smart girls, skinny girls, all girls – Shake that ass.”


  • Adam E. Project @ DC 9 Singer/songwriter Adam E. teams up with Jeff Boyd, Charles Amuzie, and Will Shriver this Saturday. The likely effect will be classifiable as “rock and roll music” and is likely to inspire many “ooo”s and “ahhh”s.


  • Saeed Younan @ U Hall There’s a definite global feel to Saeed Younan’s DJ style – and that’s definitely because he has made music in what seems like every major metropolis on the map. DC is lucky enough to witness him lay down some thick beats this Saturday, and we highly recommend you what it’s all about. 


  • Out of This World Party @ Artisphere feat. Dance for the Dying, Kittie Glitter + more. You might have been historically misled somewhere down the line, if you got your history from, you know, any American history textbooks. As it turns out, we didn’t win the space race. Russia more than kind of kicked our capitalist asses. Countdown to Yuri’s night celebrates the historic flight of Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to journey into outer space. He did this in 1961, a solid 8 years before we made it to the moon. The party will be less a history lesson, more a DJ powered exploration of the self. 


  • alicia-keys-girl-on-fire-promo_thelavalizardAlicia Keys @ Verizon Center She’s beautiful. She’s talented as hell. She’s playing the Verizon Center on Sunday. It’s as simple as that.


  • Galactic @ 9:30 Club Go see it for yourself: Galactic puts on one hell of a funky live show. This band will make you dance. That is a fact.