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Monday, January 12

Sam Smith @ Patriot Center

RiYL: not the Samuel Smith Brewery

Sam Smith

Operators +Pleasure Curses @ DC9

RiYL: local dance duos; long interviews with indie rock royalty

Quarterbacks, Qualms, Flashlight O, Juugy Strong @ Communiverse

                         RiYL: quick punk love, donation shows for the touring bands

Tuesday, January 13

Redline Graffiti, Ravi Shavi, Crystal Robots, Warm Sun @ Paperhaus

RiYL: the band not the stretch of graffiti art

History Repeated @ Black Cat

RiYL: John Stabb

Kahulanui @ Tropicalia

RiYL: swing dancing

Wednesday, January 14

Anamanaguchi @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: pizza

Champion Sound @ Flash

RiYL: feeling the love

Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: not the band, the TV series or Cracker Barrel

Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven

Thursday, January 15

Wild Child @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: not the film, the band

Wild Child

Bane @ DC9

RiYL: the hardcore band, not the super villain

Kawehi @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: Hawaii


Sol Power All Stars @ Den of Thieves

RiYL: All Stars, All-Vinyl

Friday, January 16

Big Hush, Honey Wild, Teen Mom @ Bathtub Republic

RiYL: the band, not the MTV show or actual teen moms

The 9 Songwriter Series @ Artisphere

RiYL: a series that happened last week at 9:30 Club but with different people

NO BS! Brass Band, Backbeat Underground @ Gypsy Sally’s

RiYL: No BS!

Donovan Blanc, Go Cozy, Raindeer, Treatment @ Babe City

RiYL: the name of this DIY venue

Saturday, January 17

The Max Levine Ensemble, Radiator Hospital, The Rememberables, Black Sparks @ St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church

RiYL: Positive Force, Free Press, Net Neutrality

Roadkill Ghost Choir @ DC9

RiYL: wondering why you would name the band that

Super Diamond @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: The Neil Diamond Experience

Super Diamond

Sunday, January 18

Rare Essence, Trouble Funk @ Howard Theatre

RiYL: “the ultimate reunion”

The Internet’s Own Boy @ Black Cat

RiYL: DC Public Library

Funk 4 the Dream @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: Funk 4 the Dream on MLK Weekend