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Brightest Young Things and Chris Naoum of Listen Local first team up every week to bring you the list of shows you should definitely attend.

Monday, November 11

Kate Nash, La Sera @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: musicians who influence to shift gender perceptions and inspire a new generation of female musicians, writers, producers and technicians

Kate Nash

Active Child, JMSN @ Black Cat (Mainstage)

RiYL: mid-80’s sounds, “heaven-sent falsetto”

Caustic Casanova, Crown Larks, Jack Nicholson, Tulsa @ Velvet Lounge

RiYL: diverse, heavy music starting out from William & Mary, bands named named “Williamsburg’s Finest Band” by Submission Magazine

Caustic Casanova IS

Secret Someones, Born Cages, Mike & Cody @ DC9

RiYL: songs featured on One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars and The Voice

Yo Gotti featuring YG, Ca$h Out, Shy Glizzy, & Zed Zilla @ Howard Theatre

RiYL: people who say that “hustling is in [his] blood”

Destroyer @ 6th & I

RiYL: shows we think are super important, poking fun at those who take themselves too seriously

Tuesday, November 12

Gary Clark Jr., Max Frost @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: sold out 9:30 Club shows, musicians who have a day dedicated to them in Austin

Gary Clark Jr.

Hayden, Doug Paisley @ DC9

RiYL: Toronto musicians who self-release on their own record label, someone we like

The Skatalites, Dub City Renegades, Evokatones @ Howard Theatre

RiYL: legendary Jamaican ska bands


High on Fire, Kvelertak, Doomriders @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: bands with guitarists named Rolling Stone’s “New Guitar Gods”

The Limousines @ Black Cat

RiYL: “Internet Killed the Radio Star,” indietronica

Little Big League, Springtime, Make Shift Shelts, Soundtrack to Sleep, 4th Row @ The Lab (1819 Crestwood Drive, Alexandria)

RiYL: shows at churches, shows without alcohol

Wednesday, November 13

Gary Clark Jr., Warren Hood @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: a second sold out 9:30 Club show

Gary Clark Jr.

The 9 Songwriter Series @ Gypsy Sally’s

RiYL: Singer/Songwriters, the number 9


Church Night @ Wonderland Ballroom

RiYL: God, a lack of God


Asheru’s Sleepless in SoWeTo Release Party @ Tropicalia

RiYL: The Boondocks theme song


The Mowgli’s, Royal Teeth, X Ambassadors @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: bands whose “message is finding a foothold with fans from every walk of life, bringing people together under one roof to celebrate each other.”

Night Beats, After the Lights, The Sea Life, Jail Solidarity @ Comet Ping Pong

RiYL: pizza joints, bands who described themselves as “Chaotic Psych Journeymen”

Film Screening: The Holy Sound @ Black Cat

RiYL: teens-in-trouble horror film

Lost Civilizations experimental music project, Marian McLaughlin, Br’er @ Black Squirrel

RiYL: bad flyers, experimental music,

Mako Sicka, The Plums, Jamie Branch @ Deep Space Arts

RiYL: Noise rock, psych rock


Thursday, November 14

Skrillex @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: dubstep, LED walls, 3D light shows, pyrotechnics, ex-From First to Last

Elton John & His Band @ Verizon Center

RiYL: legends, icons, candles, wind

Loose Ends @ Howard Theatre

RiYL: British dance and urban contemporary trios from the early ’80s, trios whose last hit was in the 80’s

Daft Punk Tribute @ Howard Theatre

RiYL: Daft Punk (duh)

Matthew Santos @ Black Cat

RiYL: musicians who collaborated with Lupe Fiasco

Absu, D.O.C., Midnight Eye, Surgeon @ The Pinch

RiYL: punk shows in dive bars, donation shows


Rachel Levitin, Jamie Kathleen, Suzie Brown, Brittany Jean @ Ebenezers Coffeehouse

RiYl: Singer/songwriter, folk rock, soul, acoustic guitars in the grass



Friday, November 15

BYT Presents: Sharks & Lasers @ Spy Museum

RiYL: BYT, James Bond, an amazing time

The Devil Makes Three @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: part road songs, part heartbreak songs and part, garage-y ragtime, punkified blues, old n’ new timey

The Devil Makes Three

Conspirator, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: heavy, electronically produced core coupled with a skillful and melodic homage to live instrumentation, guys in black jeans


East Ghost, From Fragile Seeds, Houdan the Mystic, Static Scene @ BDU House in McLean, VA

RiYL: free house shows in a town you wouldn’t expect to have punk shows (McLean), *must ask someone for the address

Great American Canyon Band, Wild Leaves, Silent Old Mtns @ Black Cat

RiYL: Meticulously constructed vocals, lush fingerstyle guitar, scattered percussion, and a haunting, ethereal, female voice

Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Brenda, Megaphone Barons @ Comet Ping Pong

RiYL: Psych-Rock Meltdown, a good time

Rac, MDNR @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: sold out Rock & Roll Hotel shows, people who grew up in Portugal

Deleted Scenes, Young Rapids @ IOTA

RiYL: bands who will be featured on BYT later this week, The Dismemberment Plan

OC45 @ The Pinch

RiYL: bands who described themselves as “an absolutely horrible Boston punk band to a halfway decent (by some standards) Boston punk band”


Saturday, November 16

GRiZ (the Rebel Era Tour), Pegboard Nerds, The Floozies @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: 21-year-olds from Detroit

Sister Hazel (20th Anniversary Tour) @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: bands who have been around for 20 years, bands who do 100 shows annually, siblings

Sister Hazel

Ha Ha Tonka, Samantha Crain @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: bands compared to Mumford & Sons but not annoying

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Caught a Ghost, Song Preservation Society @ Black Cat

RiYL: bands who names actually kind of make sense, tap-dancing to slide guitar

Tango Lovers @ Lincoln Theatre

RiYL: world class dancers, dance, lighting and stunning dresses

Tango Lovers

Teen Mom, Black Girls, Ghostt Bllonde, Golden Looks @ Paperhaus

RiYL: weird pictures, donation based BYOB house shows hosted by bands

Dudes, Nice Breeze @ Red Onion

RiYL: shows in record stores

Highway Cross @ Studio V

RiYL: bands tracking live at a studio’s open house


Wheelie Attempts to Break the World Record for Most People Dancing In Their Tighty Wighties

RiYL: Dancing in your underwear


The Bynars, Who Needs A Pulse (formerly Mike and Cody) @ Tropicalia

RiYL: Pop rock, synth rock, green flags



The Raised By Wolves, These Future Saints @IOTA

RiYL: local bands at IOTA



Sunday, November 17

Gwar, Whitechapel, Iron Reagan, Band of Orcs @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: wearing ponchos, fake blood, bands who described themselves as “part of an ancient order of warriors known as the Scumdogs Of The Universe who were banished from space and sent to planet Earth for a scandalous array of cosmic crimes”


Dev, Swizzymack, Beyond Modern @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: musicians who are very much inspired by Eminem, “Like a G6,” “Bass Down Low,” “Backseat”

Quilt, Happy Jawbone Family Band @ DC9

RiYL: “visual music without any visuals”

Rick Ross, 1500 or Nothin’ @ DAR Constitution Hall

RiYL: musicians targeted in drive by shootings, musicians who fought with 50 Cent

Rick Ross 2010.jpg

Lost In Society, Supreme Commander, Holdfast @ Velvet Lounge

RiYL: early shows, punk bands with electrifying live shows coupled with a contagious sound

Photo by Mike McLaughlin

Americana Bandstand

RiYL: Bluegrass, country, Americana, more green grass


Drunk Tigers, Pet Parade, Invisible Hand @ Black Cat

RiYL: guys with decent jobs that will end up buying a house in the suburbs