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Monday, March 30

Twin Shadow @ Black Cat

RiYL: Mad Man Films

Good Graeff @ DC9

RiYL: “I Want That”

Jonny Grave @ Republic

RiYL: The Clara Barton Sessions

Halsey, Young Rising Sons @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: The American Youth

Halsey & Young Rising Sons

Tuesday, March 31

Jared & the Mill @ Black Cat

RiYL: “Breathe Me In”


The Suffers @ DC9

RiYL: “Giver”

Jessie Ware @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: Fifty Shades of Grey

Jessie Ware

Wednesday, April 1

Laughing Man @ Paperhaus

RiYL: four years of Paperhaus

Last Word @ Black Cat

RiYL: free 80s & 90s punk, indie, garage, and whatever DJ Couch Night

LILLYWOOD and the Prick @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: musical fairytales,

LILLYWOOD and the Prick

Shpongle @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: over 80 years’ experience collectively

SHPONGLE: The Shpongletron 3.1

Thursday, April 2

Reptar @ U Street Music Hall

RiYLRugrats, stupid band names


Black Masala @ AMP by Strathmore

RiYL: Wammie-winners

Black Masala live in concert

Single Mothers @ Black Cat

RiYL: “Half-Lit”

Liturgy @ DC9

RiYL: “Pagan Dawn”

Kodak to Graph @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: “Glaciaa”

Tribal Seeds @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: music like Slightly Stoopid and SOJA

Tribal Seeds

Friday, April 3

Damien Rice @ Lincoln Theatre

RiYL: The Cake Sale

Damien Rice

Raury @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: drawings by a child


Galactic @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: carnival album


Saturday, April 4

An Evening with Amanda Fucking Palmer @ Lincoln Theatre

RiYL: Rock star, crowdfunding pioneer, TED speaker

An Evening With Amanda Fucking Palmer

Kill Lincoln @ Black Cat

RiYL: indefinite hiatus, Good Riddance to Good Advice, last time to chant “Fuck you, Alan”

Braustomp @ DC Brau Brewing Company

RiYL: four years of DC Brau

Body Werk @ DC9

RiYL: DC House Grooves

White Ford Bronco @ Rock & Roll Hotel

RiYL: two shows in one night

Cody Simpson @ U Street Music Hall

RiYL: “La Da Dee”

Cody Simpson

Sunday, March 29

Benjamin Booker @ 9:30 Club

RiYL: “The Future is Slow Coming”