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Selections by Alyssa Moody. Philip Chevalier, Stephanie Breijo, Svetlana Legetic and Christopher Naoum of Listen Local First

Look, it’s simple: Every week we’ll be bringing you all the information you can handle about the cool concerts to hit up in D.C. Don’t say we don’t love you. (p.s. BANDS/VENUES-looking to get your shows in front of us? Just head over to our AGENDA page, it is super easy to post your events there and it guarantees us seeing them.)



accrorap anokha_01

This one’s going all week. Hip-hop, dance and art, all with the French joie de vivre, will spring to life at Alliance Française’s’ Second Annual Urban Corps Festival. There won’t be any of the 2-Chainz variety of radio-ready rap, au contraire. Expect the best and brightest of France’s urban art scene, like dance crews KLP and De Fakto. We put together a preview with all the youtube videos and factoids you’ll ever need, so you should probably check that out.


Ghost B.C. is a Swedish heavy metal band that takes the costumed anonymity of KISS, MF Doom and Slip Not, and raises them a Satanic Holy Sea. Papa Emeritus II and his band of Nameless Ghouls are headed over to 930 this evening and you should probably go.



The Back Cat’s going to sound like an indie dreamscape tonight if a less intensely costumed and more subdued scene is to your liking.



We sat down with Digitalism and asked about their German-ness. “We’ve always been told that – although there’s definitely an affection for ‘90s French house in our music too – we sound quite ‘Nordic.'” You should read the interview, and get to UHall if you’ve been hot for some Nordic beats.



Pixies frontman and general iconic mastermind of Doolittle etc. Frank Black takes the stage tonight as Black Francis at the Birchmere this evening. Interested in getting your fan boy on for a throwback read? We’ve sat down and spoken with him before, just so we could repost it right now for you.



The doors of Black Whiskey on 14th Street are freshly opened, and we were there from the start. Tonight they’re putting on quite the show with California’s Cosmonauts, Baltimore’s Hollywood, and DC’s very own Thee Lolitas w/ DJ Roary Lion. You get all that? $10 and it starts at 9.



Author of Kitchen Confidential, host of the award-winning Travel Channel show, No Reservations, and sarcastic food lover Anthony Bourdain is launching his first tour, Guts & Glory. He may not be the typical comedian but his unapologetic and blunt observations about life, particularly food, get audiences laughing. If you’ve never seen his show, you may have seen him as a judge on The Taste or as a guest on David Letterman, Morning Joe, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show, or The Colbert Report, just to name a few. (In link there’s a cool video you can watch).





Nashville, TN desert rock duo Escondido, with a video featured in Vogue here that you should watch, has attracted attention for bringing a credible twang to the CMT stratosphere. Go see them Tuesday at the Black Cat.



The man cannot and will not stop being unbelievably cool. Step 1) Be the drummer for the Grateful Dead. Step 2) Wear Native American outfit. The man is a LEGEND. So much so that I just all-caps screamed the word legend at you.



You better like it raw. The man from Shao Lin’s got something along those lines for you on Tuesday at Baltimore Soundstage.


W/ drink specials and cup cakes before the concert from 9-10, and one of D.C.’s wonder-child DJ Chord (soundcloud linked) coming out afterward to kick out the jams, you really can’t go wrong at Tropicalia this Tuesday.





When we saw The Features in 2009, “They were the good part of the nachoey taste heap, the top part where the fact of the band’s tightness and enthusiasm for stomping out Dr. Dog/KOLbarn bangers utterly trumps the rather cheap and ‘overt’ ingredients.” Get greens on some nachos this Wednesday for sure.


Heard of John Waters? We’re posting an interview later today with the hilarious Baltimore native that you should definitely read. When we interviewed him a while back we described him as, basically a good ol’ Baltimore cat with a sick sense of humor, an impeccable sense of style and probably the best damned stories you’ll ever find told.  He seems as if he’d be equally comfortable headbanging at a G.W.A.R. concert or sharing a beer with G.W. Bush.”

The Forward Festival is known to be about peace, love and electronic music, and as they make very clear on the Forward Festival tumblr, “you will see names that you know and many that you don’t. Many of these artists are making their DC Debuts, and many are “under the radar”. That’s how we like it, that’s how we do. Go to the artists page of the site, put your headphones on and take some time to visit the artist’s various pages, read some interviews and explore them. It won’t take long to understand why we are bringing them…why they are coming.”

Want to win a couple free tickets to this one? Enter for the chance to do so and listen to all the tunes you need to get you super excited for this Wednesday night.




J Tillman, formerly drummer for Fleet Foxes now crooner/songwriter Father John Misty, apparently found his narrative voice by driving across the country sans guitar with a shit load of mushrooms and the desire to write a book. You’re currently getting to see what happened after that, and can check it out first hand this Thursday at 930. We did have a ticket giveaway underway and there’s a sampling of songs there for you and you only to enjoy.



UK producer extra-ordinare Gold Panda is coming to the Black Cat this Thursday. Did you know that he gets his Asian touches from years studying music in Japan? There is no end to the learning that takes place while sifting through the BYT archives.



Benevento attended Berklee College of Music and is putting it to crazy good use with his out-there, wide-reaching, little-bit-of-everything-infused music. Check out the wild rumpus that is the video for Limbs of a Pine and check him out this Thursday at the Hamilton.



The legend behind D.C.’s Go-Go scene will be channeled by those on stage at the Howard Theatre this Thursday.



“My friend Terrence went to a Darkness concert in Nashville seven years ago and everyone in attendance was decked out in glam rock regalia.  I mean, pretty much everyone.” The rest of this review is well worth reading if you’re into getting very well aquainted with what the Darkness not only sounds like, but feels like.

We also happened to sit down with bubblegum pop rockers Free Energy recently, where they tell us all about what it’s like to play a Weezer cruise: Here’s the thing: Weezer fans are super nice people.  I mean, I’m one of them, but I haven’t been actively following Weezer for a while.  I think with The Green Album, when they came back, they lost me.  “Hash Pipe”?  I was like, “Nah.”   But the first two records changed my life.  So it’s pretty surreal to play their cruise.



A DC native, go check out her EP release at Jammin’ Java this Thursday. (Be sure to catch both Margot MacDonals and Edy Blu while you’re there.)


There’s a medium sized chance that you’ve been a fan of Samuel Beam’s music and his beard since around the time the thirteen-year-old girl’s guide to indie music AKA the Garden State soundtrack came out. Why do I bring up the Garden State soundtrack when discussing a musician that has made a whole lot of great music since 2002? Because we all loved it once.



There’s no better way to get introduced to the Austin, TX group than to just give ’em a quick listen. You’ll like this. 


arum rae_white dress

Arum Rae has worked with everyone from the Black Keys, Peter Bjorn & John, Gary Clark Jr., and The Civil Wars, but she is now primed to take command of her own destiny. Bonus: you may have heard her song “If I didn’t know Better” as the doomed duet on NASHVILLE, and trust us, that is a good thing.



The sibling rival of folk songstress Jessica Leigh Mayfield is bringing his parade to the stage of DC’s most music friendly Synagogue this Thursday night.





Bloody Beetroots, a.k.a. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, is a tenured professor in the school of electronic sounds.



DC reggae authorities DubCity Renegades are bringing their Island sounds to Rock and Roll Hotel this Friday, for all those in need of a little RnR Rastafarian style.


Athens’ Dead Confederate have been churning out delightfully dark tunes for several years now, sowing their own unique brand of southern boogie that’s more Whipping Post than Blue Sky. Read the rest of the review to get you pumped for the show.


“One of the most consistent and versatile adult contemporary R&B artists, Brian McKnight placed seven albums spread across 15 years — from the early ’90s through the first decade of the 2000s — within the Top Ten of Billboard’s R&B albums chart.  This, along with a down-to-earth personality and a catalog heavy on mellow material, may have helped McKnight for the sake of longevity; he made his first mark during the tail end of the new jack swing era and, nearly 20 years later, shared chart space with singers half his age. He holds a Grammy record for 16 nominations without a win.”



Originally branding themselves simply as “The Hush”, The Hush Sound changed their name once finding out that a rapper with the same name already laid claim to it. Just so you now know. See them play UHall with Hockey this Friday.



Facebook bio: “We are Lindsey Buckingham Palace. #LBP is a homegrown, Washington D.C. 4 man, hard-rock band with a penchant for kicking ass!”



Without commas, the lineup for this Friday night affair sounds like some pretty gnarly advice. Give priests xanax and hand grenage job. The last part sounds intense. Click the link to check out the Facebook invite.


Hal Sparks - thephoenixdotcom

Before Joel McHale, that was Hal Sparks, the original Talk Soup host. Sparks is a comedian/musician/actor/every other performance artist out there. Besides comedic performances, he is in the band Zero 1, who has just released their debut album. He has also appeared in multiple films such as Spiderman 2 and Dude, Where’s My Car? and television shows such as The Tonight ShowLarry King Live, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sparks has even performed on stage in The Glass Menagerie and Brighton Beach Memoirs. You can catch him on VH1’s shows I Love the 70sI Love the 80s, AND I Love the 90s.



A dance party with a killer theme put on by DJ Lil’e, pictured above. Get out there and fucking dance!



Beer n Black recently tweeted “Sunday and Monday could never get married. Sunday always comes before Monday, and that’s just wrong.” Check the duo out at RnR hotel this Saturday night.



I was at a house party recently talking to strangers I was pretty sure I had almost zero things in common with and then I spied a CHK CHK CHK tattoo on one of their wrists. Before you knew it, we were close buds, pulling out our ipods, sharing our love of their disco-punk and the fact that I could reference back to 2007 when BYT FIRST EVER INTERVIEWED NIC OFFER made me super cool in their eyes. That is the effect these dudes have on their fans. And with a new record out April 29th, they’re swinging back to DC for what is bound to be a big, fat, dance party of a show. And yes, you should definitely still read that 2007 interview we did with them, it is totally worth it – Svetlana



Joshua Radin is bringing his delicate, sensitive and smooth Americana to The Hamilton this Saturday night and we can’t wait. (Swoon.)



$45 for Pavilion, $30 for Lawn, the country music playing three-piece consisting entirely of siblings (last name Perry) is gonna be playing Merriweather this Saturday.



Tailgates & TanlinesDoin’ My ThingI’ll Stay MeCountry Girl (Shake It for Me)Spring Break…Here to Party. These are the names of Luke Bryan albums. You know what you’re getting into and you love it, so get to Jiffy Lube this Saturday.



“Josh is back with his new BALLS EP, which Resident Advisorcalls “an all guns blazing assault”. BALLS is Josh’s first release in four years since 2009’s When a Banana Was Just a Banana” (read more about the new release at Josh Wink’s website)



Into Paramore? Check the website for the newest singles and whatnot to see what you’ll be missing out on if you didn’t buy tickets in advance for this show.


The region’s biggest party returns Saturday, May 18th at Preakness InfieldFest! The day will feature live performances by international superstar Pitbull and hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Both artists will play extended sets on the Main Stage. In addition to the main stage headliners, Preakness InfieldFest will host live music from Chevelle, Florida-Georgia Line and Kristen and the Noise on the Jägermeister Stage along with a variety of other activities, including the return of The popular Beer Garden and bottomless MUG Club.  Plus stay tuned to BYT for updates on transportation to/from the fest for maximum awesomeness.

A night at the freshly minted Black Whiskey, featuring… THE DELEGATION (experimental electronica hip hop) SATRO (fantastic cool whatever shit) DEAF SCENE (instrumental drum-bass-guitar trio)



  • Global Dance Party @ Artisphere
    Catch locals Elikeh, Nappy Riddem, and Black Masala at Artisphere on Saturday Evening for the choicest world music grooves.




  • Soundbites – May 19 @ 9:30  Club – Sound Bites is an outdoor street festival at the historic 9:30 Club that celebrates local food and music while raising funds to fight hunger and poverty in Washington, DC. On Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 1 p.m., 1,000 guests will enjoy tastings from 25 top area restaurants, hear 6 hot local music acts, and witness an elite mixology competition between DC’s most talented bartenders. All proceeds benefit event organizer DC Central Kitchen. They’re still nailing down the lineup and the participating restaurants, but we can tell you this much — it’s always, always worth it.


check out these Norwegian bloodthirsty rockers at RrR this Sunday


The powerful sprawling anthems delivered by Titus Andronicus on stage are sites to be seen. If you love these guys like we do you should definitely check out this awesome video interview-picnic we did we them a little while ago.


Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.04.29 AM

Watch the video for LA band Kitten’s song “Cut it Out” and if that’s your jam then you should probably check out “G#” too.

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.06.05 AM

 There aren’t many artists who can claim to have changed the face of a genre of music, let alone to have changed that face more than once. Ed Rush, however, is an exception to that rule. Ever since his first production outings alongside his neighbour (and infamous owner of No U Turn Records), Nico Sykes, Ed Rush has consistently proven he has the ideas and attitude to transform drum & bass and is never afraid to push that infamous envelope. (read more…)

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.09.16 AM

 The boat will begin boarding at 7:45pm, depart promptly at 8:15pm, and dock at 11:00pm. Come enjoy great music with good friends while sailing down the Potomac River and enjoying the sites of DC at night. No dress code. There are only 60 tickets available on a first come first serve basis.