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OH HEY OCTOBER. Do you know what you rhyme with, October? ROCKTOBER. (Which is an entire ‘tober of rocking, in case you were not aware.) You’re living up to that rhyme this week, too, because there are a zillion shows to get pumped for. Don’t believe me? Well, I guess it’s understandable since there ARE a fair amount of sold out and/or canceled shows this week, but let’s get those out of the way so we can start turning you into a believer, yeah? YEAH.

Monday 10/1 Miguel This one’s NOT a sure thing.
Tuesday 10/2, LP WASTED LOVE because this shit is SOLD OUT.
Tuesday 10/2, M83 Apparently we DON’T own the sky, because this is SOLD OUT.
Thursday 10/4, Alabama Shakes Always alright ’til you don’t have tickets, huh?
Thursday 10/4, Crystal Castles We DO untrust you, because you canceled the damn show!
Friday 10/5, Aghan Whigs See and don’t see ’cause it’s SOLD OUT.

PHEW. Well, no worries, because there are bigger and better things ahead. OBSERVE:


  • Let’s kick things off tonight in a budget-friendly way; let’s head to Other Music for a FREE Dum Dum Girls show.
  • OR, let’s kick things off tonight in a NOSTALGIC yet budget-friendly way at this FREE Lifehouse performance.



  • Let’s start this Wednesday night of shows at Elizabeth and the Catapult where we’ll all just be taller children or something.
  • OR if you’re still super gutted about the sold out M83 show, GOOD NEWS! You can check that out tonight at the Hammerstein Ballroom!
  • Is that mind-blowing show not up your alley for some reason? Well how about TENNIS and Wild Belle at the Bowery Ballroom? OKAY, COOL!
  • We could also always relive the magic that was Kill Bill’s O-ren Ishii by hitting up this RZA show
  • Or we could relive the time I got my wisdom teeth out I was very upped on drugs and also very into Regina Spektor’s ‘The Call‘ at the Capitol Theatre!


  • So let’s just start things off tonight with Beth Orton, where we can reminisce about that cinematic masterpiece Blue Crush!
  • Or MAYBE we should go answer to ourselves at this performance by the Soft Pack at the Bowery Ballroom.
  • Have you missed out on the emotional out-of-body experience that is hearing ‘Skin of the Night’ live? “What do you even mean, Megan?” I mean it is the best thing you will (possibly) ever hear live, and your eyes will (possibly) well up with tears because it is that good. See also: just go to the Wellmont Theatre tonight, okay?
  • OR, you can just hang out with me and Django Django at the Knitting Factory tonight. See also: I’ll be there, come give me a HIGH FIVE.
  • “I have zero dollars, Megan.” Well, why not check out this Com Truise DJ Set fo’ free?!


  • OH HEY WHAT UP JAMES IHA! We’re comin’ for you at Mercury Lounge tonight!
  • Unless of course we’re more into jam-banding, in which case let’s go check out Dispatch at Radio City Music Hall.
  • But if we’re more into hanging out with people who are way cooler than we can ever hope to be by effing DEFAULT, let’s go to this Raveonettes show.
  • OR we can head to this Sleigh Bells show at the Capitol Theatre.


  • Okay, so how do we feel about Polica? “I feel not good about it since you couldn’t even do that weird Ç situation.” WELL I COULDN’T. SORRY. But seriously, we should still go.
  • Or maybe we’re still super depressed about the Afghan Whigs being sold out before, in which case let’s CATCH THEM NOW at this Music Hall of Williamsburg show.
  • We could also write here in this diary about how we really feel like watching the Ataris perform live, and then have it come to fruition semi-immediately at the Knitting Factory.


  • BLONDIE. (Enough said.)
  • “That is not enough said, Megan. I do not enjoy Blondie.” Weird, because everyone else does! But you can go check out Flying Lotus if you’re really THAT not into Blondie.
  • OR, for a cheaper (but equally excellent) option, head to Glasslands for this Believers / Landlady / Railbird show.

WOW WOW WOW. If you did not say “WOW WOW WOW,” then please explain the comments and/or on Twitter @BYTNYC.