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You work hard for your money so we’re workin’ hard for you to know where and when to spend it. Consider this your bible for all things concert-related for the rest of your LIFE.


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If you’ve seen Django Unchained, you’ve seen what Mandingo fighting looks like, and you’re aware that any use of the word “white” as a modifier must be ironic. Buy tickets to go see these rockers – one of whom was a founding member of Bad Brains – this June at UHall.


This is more than your typical “jam band” folks. Toubab Krewe is known for blending the sounds of Mali with more conventional American instrumental styles. See them at the Hamilton this August.


Ok wait wait wait. Madonna, Michael Jackson, AND Prince?! You don’t want to miss this dance party.



Paul is dead — as is made so clear by his lack of shoes in this iconic album cover. Why else would he be shoeless??? It all just makes sense. Go relive something timelessly great at 930 Club this August.


Wale — here opining gracefully about self-reinvention — in an interview we conducted with him many moons ago: “Souja Boy’s successful, Eminem’s successful, Jay-Z—successful, Lil Wayne—successful. Whether they have a #1 song on the charts or not, they’re a brand that people trust. Soulja Boy’s got 20,000 little girls from Minnesota singing his song verbatim. Even three years from now, most likely. You have to reinvent yourself. Outkast is the master of reinventing themselves. Or a lot of women cut their hair, get a whole new look and the music sounds different. It’s important to reinvent yourself so you don’t cover the same ground. That’s how you stay around for a while.”


BYT: Right. And Janeane, what’s acting like for you? Is that something you’d still like to continue?

Janeane: I would love to, it’s just not up to me.

BYT: So how does that work, then? They just call you?

Janeane: Oh, they used to. Yeah, back in the nineties.

Read more in our interview from the hazy past with Janeane Gorofolo and go see her at the Hamilton this October.




Let’s talk about sex. All the good things — heck, even all the bad things. It just seems like a responsible thing for us to discuss. Then, let’s go see Salt ‘n’ Pepa at the Howard Theatre this August.

+++++ ON SALE FRIDAY +++++


The other day, a friend mentioned Imagine Dragons. “Never heard of them,” I said. “Oh yes you have.” “What?” [he places his headphones on my ears, playing no more than 7 seconds of this song] “Ohhhhhhh. THIS band. I’ve definitely heard of Imagine Dragons.”  See them in September at Merriweather Post.