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You work hard for your money so we’re workin’ hard for you to know where and when to spend it. Consider this your bible for all things concert-related for the rest of your LIFE.


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Been checking out Rec Room Therapy, the BYT weekly hip hop column? If you haven’t, you should. In issue number 17, BYT friends and semi-pro hip hop analysts break down the essence of El P and Killer mike. Phil R opines, “I don’t think two mammals somehow finding each other in the world has made me this happy since ‘Milo and Otis’.”

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After seeing Jimmy Eat world, we noted this as a highlight of the evening: “The intimate “Hear You Me” from Bleed American ( that song played at the end of “A Cinderella Story” when Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray kiss in the rain at a football game and it has absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful lyrics about someone who has recently died. Yeah.). Jim went on acoustic guitar for this one and the 9:30 glitter-globe sprinkled lights to set the mood.”

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The Mars Volta dazzled many with their swirling and sprawling prog sounds, and now you get to see the current incarnation Bosnian Rainbows this July.


No BS! Brass Band is almost entirely made up of musicians with conservatory training. They’re bringing their thought out, danceable arrangements to the Hamilton mid July.


Flow Tribe

Keeping the New Orleans spirit alive, the following night at the Hamilton you have a chance to see Flow Tribe, a six-piece of fine cut New Orleans music nuggets, if you will.



We did a little interview with Pimps of Joytime a while back and things got a little weird with some free association:

BYT: Sloppy?

Chauncey: Seconds. (Laughs)

Brian J: Haha, I was gonna be nice and say Joe.

Chauncey: Nah man, I gotta keep it real.


Drew Holcomb‘s American brand of songwriting is besides the point of this blurb. Did you know that he has a Masters in Divinity from Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, where he wrote his dissertation on “Springsteen and the American Redemptive Imagination.” I would definitely read that.

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We’re giving away a pair of tickets to this one so throw your hat in the ring before it’s too late! If you haven’t heard of The Killers I wouldn’t trust you as far as I can throw you.

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This tenured country star will be gracing Marriweather Post this September. Autumn. America.


“JC Brooks looks and performs like a cross between Chuck Berry and H.R. of Bad Brains in their primes, but his skintight R&B and post-punk soul upend expectations of a retro act.” –-Washington Post


Kid Architect‘s backs might be turned on you, but not on the history of progressive rock that precedes them. Their influences include Radiohead, the Mars Volta, Sigur Ross, and Coldplay. We all love at least one diet soda.



You’d be wise to check out this newly released video of Vakirai’s song “Oliver,” which bears a family resemblance to Cat Stevens and Tracy Chapman in a way that may or may not touch your soul.



Harmonic Blue is a four-piece rock band that has garnered favorable comparisons to Steely Dan, Wilco, and Dave Matthews Band, all at the same time (read their full bio at Harmonic Blue’s website)



Deafheaven, as a band name, should conjure all sorts of images in your mindscape – just sublime images, though. No sounds. These Black Metal playing San Franciscans are headed over to RnR Hotel at the end of June for your head-banging pleasure.


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The brass dub, Reggae style of Feelfree will come as a pleasant surprise if you visit their facebook page, where you’ll be greeted by a horn line that might convince you this show is worth the money.



With a catalogue that is said to incorporate everything from lengthy metal dirges to spritely indie pop jams, there’s really no safe way to prepare you for what Caustic Casanova will deliver this July at RnR hotel, but you should probably see for yourself. They’re D.C. locals, too!


Borracho band records in the studio

Go see these metal sludge rockers fuck some shit up at RnR this July.


The electronic tunes pumped out by Screen Vinyl Image come with a healthy topping of loud, soul crushing guitar. You should prepare yourself to go see them the first of August.



When Fidlar, a stoner punk band from California, was last in town, they were touring with indie stoner favorite and fellow Californians Wavves. This fall they’re hitting up the DMV on their own headlining tour, bringing along the Orwells this time around. Should be a pretty great show.


Go see these iconic 80’s rocker Brits at the Filmore August


You know who the Wiggles are.


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Wolf Trap is hosting the Grammy winning songwriter/actress/poet Jill Scott in July