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You work hard for your money so we’re workin’ hard for you to know where and when to spend it. Consider this your bible for all things concert-related for the rest of your LIFE.


+++++ ON SALE TODAY @ 10AM +++++


Tired of Karaoke that makes “Thunder Road” sound like the Mario theme song? This is your chance to be a serious rock star, so go get your name on the list and rock out with actual musicians on an actual stage for a change.


After seeing Brazils foremost dance pop group CSS a little while back, we wrote, “You know what you’re going to get when CSS come to town – ridiculous, infectious, party music played with wild abandon and real skill.” Go see them play with IO Echo in July.


The newest venture from Pete Yorn and J.D. King is called Olms, and it sets out to immediately take hold of you with infectious and genuine So-Cal pop. Give Olms a listen and get to know them a little bit if you’re thinkin’ this might be right up your alley.



When we witness the Morrison Brothers Band live and in concert, “They began their set with just their drummer, Matt Nolan, on stage pounding out a beat that excites the crowd. As he continued his solo the rest of the band members filed on and joined him on their respective instruments. With a quick “how you doing?” Wille Morrison, the lead vocalist officially begins the set.” See for yourselves what they have in store this July.



This fearless country icon is taking to 930 club this July to show you what a long term career looks like.



These guys are oozing with funk and soul, and they’re frontman rocks out hard on the peddle steel guitar, if that happens to perk your ears.



Known for a style called “folktronica” (you can guess which two genres have been fused together to coin that one), the sounds of Beth Orton are three steps ahead of where language currently is. Go see her this August.



This heavy-hitting, fully charged country band fronted by multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Scott Kurt will be gracing the stage at the Hamilton at the end of the month. Enjoy.


A three-piece no shit rock band from Franklin, TN consisting of three brothers (two literal, one figurative, but hey, friends are the family we choose, right?), Caleb is coming to the Hamilton in July in anticipation of their debut full length album, to be released some time late this year.



The celtic-infused stylings of Carbon Leaf might not have escaped you at any given time during the twenty years these Richmond, VA rockers have been putting it to record. Personally, the song “life less ordinary” is one that I’m not ashamed to have loved in my early teenage years.



“Matthew Perryman Jones has a voice that calls out with intensity, truth and emotion. The first listen is instant gratification—if your ears are waiting for haunting melodies and memorable riffs, there’s no shortage.” – Music News Nashville


+++++ ON SALE FRIDAY @ 10AM +++++


The other day, I fell down a youtube K-hole and somehow ended up watching Ozzy Osbourne interviews from the early ’80s for a couple hours. And here I am, writing a blurb for their show at Jiffy Lube this August. If you haven’t ever seen The Secret, I’m thinking that now’s a good time to become a believer in the whole “life is a dream we are constantly creating before our own very eyes” concept.


The band Savages, from left: Fay Milton, Jehnney Beth, Gemma Thompson, Ayse Hassan

English post-punkers Savages are offering you full treatment in July at RnR hotel, so get your tickets and prepare to see punk looks like nailed to a fucking post.



Our review of their 2011 show sums it all up pretty nicely for you: “It’s basically four dudes you probably went to college with, playing kick-ass Andrew W.K.-styled instrumental pop-metal with a little help from some synth tracks piped through an 8-bit vintage Nintendo gaming system. If you generally think rock ‘n’ roll righteousness is passé and that fist-pumping in public is just so terribly gauche, then these are not the droids you’re looking for.”



Think Sly Stone fronting Bad Brains, and you’re maybe a third of the way there. The multi-cultural Boston five- piece—Fredua “Dua” Boakye [vocals], Sheel Davé [drums], Salim Akram [guitar], Graham Masser [bass], and Santiago Araujo [guitar]—confidently struts through genres with unrestrained swagger and a whole lot of attitude.  — Bad Rabbits Facebook



+++++ ON SALE FRIDAY @ NOON +++++


Solid Gold made quite an impression the reviewer of their DC9 show in 2010: “Solid Gold headline, and they are a revelation. I had heard a Tanlines remix of one of their songs, but live they skirt the edge of keyboard-driven shoegaze – closer to In Ghost Colours by Cut Copythan Junior Boys.”



After opening for Local Natives in April, Superhumanoids are taking their sounds to DC9, where things are likely to get pretty rowdy. You should read this little excerpt about their performance because it’s relevant and hilarious: “These peeps that aren’t Local Natives are kinda sick, why isn’t anyone else dancing? Let’s do this. My rhythm is on tonight, I bet I look like I know the songs because I’m so into it. Oh hey, that dude’s dancing over there too, I’ma nod so he knows we’re on the same page. Yeahhhh. He knows. Good thing we got here at 8, it’s not even that full yet. And I’ll have time to crush a few more vodka tonics before shit gets real. Hey Jen, what’s up, babe, just reminding you I’m still behind you.”



There is no end to the crazy shit that goes down at a Cheeky Monkey Sideshow performance. Tryna’ see someone put a sword all the way down their throat? Check. How about something called “human blockhead”? Count it. Your life isn’t weird enough and you should go to this.



Having toured with the likes of Beirut and Lower Dens, this Dutch group is making it to the Black Cat in July to tell us which group of Indians they named their band after. Red dot, or feather?



The young, unhampered sounds of Smith Westerns haven’t faded at all since Dye it Blonde, their refreshing debut effort a while back. If you listened to their new single “Varsity” when it popped up all over the internet, you’re probably looking forward to this show a lot, and should therefore purchase tickets in advance.



Stephin Merritt is best known for his role in Magnetic Fields, a band that at one point released an album with a provocative number of love songs on it. See what he’s doing with this project in July!