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You work hard for your money so we’re workin’ hard for you to know where and when to spend it. Consider this your bible for all things concert-related for the rest of your LIFE.


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rock the bells

It’s that time of the year again. Rock the Bells is back in D.C. with a line-up consisting of some newcomers such as Dom Kennedy and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as some classics like Wu-Tang Clan and Tech N9ne. The show, per usual, is set to be MOTHER EFFING BANANAS. This year you can catch it at the Festival Grounds at @RFK on September 28-29


Get your tickets to the bassiest party of the year, brought to you by Baltimore, MD natives and trans-continental party-throwers BASS NATION


We discussed what living in LA means for the Melvins when we sat down to talk with them:

BYT: It’s funny that people think of the Pacific Northwest when they think of the Melvins, but you’ve been in LA for a while…
twenty-two years.

BYT: Does that make you an LA songwriter, an LA band? Is there some influence that city has on your music?
I suppose. That’s where I live. People give me all kinds of shit about it, I’ve never been able to figure it out. It’s horribly unfounded. They’ll say something ridiculous about it being “plastic.” Oh really? As opposed to reality where? Where exactly would it be more real? LA’s an amazing place; I would never live anywhere else. That’s it, I’m committed, done. I’m done living in the sticks, living with the hicks, where all the bad weather is. I’m over it.



After Passenger the band split up in 2009, founder Mike Rosenburg adopted the monicker and started busking. Now, he’s got a chart-topping single in 16 countries. Check out “Let Her Go” and mark your calendars.


  • September 26 — Garland Jeffreys @ The Hamilton 

“Before Beck, there was Garland Jeffreys.” — Toronto Star

He’s been called an edgy urban poet, the sound of New York, a confessional singer-songwriter, and an explorer of the links between rock, race and rebellion whose work should be taught in schools.  With songs covered by artists as diverse as punk pioneers The Circle Jerks (“Wild in the Streets”) and the neo-folk band Vetiver (“Lon Chaney”), Jeffreys is truly unclassifiable.” (Read more at our event page and get your tickets to see him this September)


  •  September 27 — Fishtank Ensemble @ The Hamilton

Fishtank Ensemble is a top-billed world music act from California, whose show offers a mix of styles from all over the map. As LA Weekly writes, “Everyone in the quartet is a virtuoso of sympatico different musical forms, from flamenco to Eastern European grooves to extremely credible tangos.” Check them out at the Hamilton in September.


  • November 14 — The Mother Hips @ The Hamilton

The Mother Hips have a new album out called Pacific Dust, and it’s said to chronicle the band’s two decades together in powerful indie fuzz fashion. Their song featured in Rock Band the video game “Time We Had” was always pretty fun to play, too. They’ll be at the Hamilton in November. 


  • November 19 — Aaron Neville @ The Hamilton

Soul legend and New Orleans musical saint Aaron Neville will be taking his rich falsetto to the Hamilton this November. Also, his tattoos respond well to frequent cocoa butter applications, which accentuates his muscle tone while moisturizing his dry skin.


Darryl Jennifer, bassist of the storied DC hardcore pioneers Bad Brains, is one of the men behind White Mandingos, a hip hop crew that makes pretty sweet use of a Bad Brains sample in their recently released track “Mandingo Rally.” See them at U-Hall in June. 

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Wild Fruit takes an old blues rock style and does pretty cool things with it – things that might make you think of old White Stripes. They happen to be a two piece with a female drummer, too. Listen for yourself and check them out at the Black Cat at the end of the month.

spirit animal

Never heard of Spirit Animal? They call the DMV home and have been making noteworthy music around here for a few years now. You can check out their rowdy new single “Black Jack White” on their website, and if you want to get back to the basics with these guys, we held a pretty extensive listening party back in 2010.


We walked away from a Two Door Cinema Club show with a sense of belonging last year: “Kids who came with their parents were flipping out, parents who came to supervise their children were letting loose. The pit was a scene. People who didn’t even know each other but knew they were fans were bonding, then yelling. Everyone felt like family.” Get in on this at DAR in October.


In the genre field on their facebook page, Mood Rings put “[ _____ ]-Rock / [ _____ ]-Pop”. I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued. The band’s coming to DC9 in July so you have plenty of time to fill in the blanks.


This “nostalgic pop” band out of Florida is hitting up DC9 in July.


Brooklyn buzzband Motive noted with regard to their own musical tastes and influences, “Radiohead is a common denominator,” said McGovern. “We all listen to lots of different music, but we try and draw from the same places.” Read more in this CBS article all about the band and check them out next month at DC9.


“Wild Cub made their debut at Bonnaroo and were named one of The Wall Street Journal’s “CMJ Bands to Watch”. PASTE calls Youth, “full of small complexities that fill songs as they unwittingly slide into each other”, while The Guardian pinned it as “undeniably captivating”. Line Of Best Fit claimed, “Youth relentlessly offers up huge pop songs delivered with sheer gusto & intelligence”.” – description pulled from Wild Club’s bandcamp site


Oh yeah. You’re super excited for this one. Synths. So many. If Rio came out this year I’d definitely be into it.


“Night Beds is the solo project of one 23-year-old Winston Yellen, a musician with operatic vocal abilities and knack for haunting melodies. On the debut album Country Sleep, Night Beds serves up a dark and bittersweet version of folk that blends the sincerity of Jeff Buckley with the aesthetics of Bon Iver. Be sure to catch him in September. Description pulled from event page.


UK producer extra-ordinare Gold Panda is coming to the Black Cat in October. Did you know that he gets his Asian touches from years studying music in Japan? There is no end to the learning that takes place while sifting through the BYT archives.