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Show: 9:30 PM
Cover: $5, all to performers

Adam’s Morgan’s Asylum, that venerable bastion of beer, brunch, and bikers, has hosted plenty of rock shows over the years from punk to hardcore to singer/songwriter.  Hell, maybe you caught an early Family Hemerlein there or one of the Pass the Guitar songwriter showcases that have been happening for years.  Well, no more.  According to Alex Vans, recent Pass the Guitar host post-Rene Moffat and Olivia Mancini, Asylum’s upstairs will be closing soon and changing over to a BBQ and craft beer joint in the near future.  Will there be cupcakes and FroYo too?

This Tuesday is your chance to catch the final PTG showcase, catch the following performers:

Alex Vans

Derek Evry

Molly Hagen

Patrick McGrath (NYC)

Michael Bowman (Harrisonburg, VA)

Jay Hutchinson