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If we told you that seaweed could be used as a replacement for bacon, would you believe us? What if we told you that absinthe could be a key ingredient in chicken-less broth?

Executive Chef Adam Howard is setting a new standard for plant-based dining in D.C., where he’s been creating vegetarian dishes and innovating meatless recipes that maintain classic Southern flavor profiles. Howard incorporates special ingredients and components from international cuisine, especially Asian cuisine, in place of the meat in old-school American recipes.

We got to tag along on one of his shopping trips to the H Mart in Falls Church to see how he hunts for the perfect ingredients. If you’re vegetarian / pescatarian / flexatarian, you’ll definitely find some inspiration for future cooking endeavors. Even our meat-loving friends might be inspired to try a few new veggies at the local farmer’s market.

You can try some of Howard’s to-die-for creations for yourself at the Michelin-starred Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt. Here are just a few examples of Chef Howard’s uniquely designed recipes.