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Sometimes more of the same is just enough.

You would probably enjoy Second City’s women power variety show She the People: The Resistance Continues if you saw last year’s first iteration of She the People, but you definitely would if you didn’t.

Going on now until January 5 at Woolly Mammoth, The Resistance Continues, is, as the title indicates, a continuance. Again directed by Carly Heffernan and starring half a dozen of Second City’s finest performers, it tackles Trump-era politics and pop culture via all-female sketch comedy, including multiple songs, a fake game show or two, and a memorable visit to a men’s strip club.

The good news is it doesn’t feel like they used up all their good ideas last year, and there are laughs a-plenty. But it can’t help but feel less fresh this time around.

New players Sayjal Joshi and Jo Scott join returners Carisa Barreca, Alex Bellisle, Katie Caussin, and Kazi Jones. There are no weak links, and everyone has standout moments, my favorites of which include Joshi playing an acoustic guitar while teaching Christian campers how to apologize for the misdeeds done in the church’s name and Jones telling a date that she’s a feminist — quelle horreur!

But some of the set-ups feel ever so slightly behind the curve, which goes double for music choices including M.I.A. and Katy Perry. Second time through, perhaps some of the shock effect has worn off.

The best and most touching sketch of the night finds Barreca and Bellisle, playing an adult and a child, comparing notes at Weight Watchers. It’s sweet, it’s funny, and it’s brutally honest about the cruelty that sadly lingers around body issues. It’s a highlight, but there are many.

At two acts and less than two hours, The Resistance Continues is really a gas. Good times will be had by all, particularly those who missed last year’s go-round.