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In the midst of closures and shutdowns and other things that makes us want to scream (or type in a lot of all-caps), something beautiful has blossomed on Upshur Street. With its collection of vintage furniture, dark green walls and lush (but wild) floral arrangements perched on every flat space, She Loves Me isn’t your typical flower shop. There’s no fridge jam packed with identical bouquets and no red roses in sight. Instead, owner Holley Simmons has created a space that feels like it floated straight out of your dreams. It’s dark and moody and light and airy and everything in between.

Simmons love affair with plants started with succulents. After crafting terrariums at her kitchen table, she began teaching terrarium classes and eventually founded the DIY arts space called the Lemon Collective with local artists Kathryn Zaremba and Linny Giffin. Simmons still teaches people how to plant and design terrariums out of the Lemon Collective, which is currently located about She Loves Me (although they plan to relocate soon), but her interest in DIY is also an important part of her new space. Their build-your-own bouquet stand is one of the first things you see when you enter the shop.

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At $6 a stem and jam packed with a variety of flowers, “It’s a way to engage without committing,” Simmons explains.

If you’d rather leave the flower arranging to the professionals, Simmons and florist Megan Adams have your back. Adams has been working in the industry for over six years and has created everything from five feet long wedding bouquets to the small and dainty floral arrangements you can find scattered throughout the shop. You can see her handiwork in the weekly and monthly flower subscriptions that She Loves Me is currently offering, which start at $72 a month and go as high as $225 for their “Country of the Month” option, which highlights flowers from around the world. Simmons and Adams also plan to start offering “flower spells”, which are bouquets based on the original meanings of different flowers. Sometime soon, you could stop by the shop and pick up a congratulations spell for a friend, or maybe even a romance spell for a partner.

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(Left: Megan Adams, Right: Nicole Capó)


Adams’ floral arrangements live in harmony with the retail side of She Loves Me, which is ran by retail manager Nicole Capó. Between the bouquets you’ll find everything from flower based cosmetics to books about botany. There’s a jewelry case filled with earrings from Sundara Mar, salt scrubs from Among The Flowers line the walls and toward the back of the store you’ll find a bureau jam packed with cards for every occasion. Look up and you’ll notice the walls are covered with artwork, some from local artists like the photographer Kate Warren.

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The only thing you won’t find in the store are fiddle-leaf figs. They can be challenging to keep alive because signs of under-watering and signs of over-watering are the same. With a laugh, Simmons says, “they’re the Taurus of plants.”

Whether you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day bouquet or you need someone to design the flowers for your wedding, She Loves Me is here to brighten your day and make D.C. a little more beautiful in the process.

She Loves Me is located at 808 Upshur Street NW.

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(Left to right: Megan Adams, Holley Simmons, Nicole Capó)

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