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Warning this Article is NOT for Suckers:

My ideal mode of transit this spring-

So incase you’ve been hiding under a rock without wifi or television for like the past year (which might be kind of awesome) the Titanic is coming back to theaters April 4th in 3D!

So, if your anything like me and have been resisting the urge to rent a sinking Titanic obstacle course the time is right to celebrate!

Clueless cartoons RIP Brittany Murphy!

My life would be a little bit more complete with Cabbage Patch Kids cereal in it…

I think planet earth would be a lot happier place if we all lived life on Andrew WK’s clock!

Loiter Squad premiers next Sunday night on Adult Swim.

taco supreme bonus: Wednesday night dertbag is dropping their spring 2012 collection!

Until next time!