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Warning: this article is not for suckers!

Get the message across with out communication with these iphone cases design by Candies sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony.

While we are on that Candies tip, whatever happened to Jessica Simpson’s edible and dreamy cosmetic line? Whatever happened to Jessica Simpson in general?

What’s Drugs my dealer?

The wheels I wrote about last week better known as Penny Skateboards have announced a collaboration with The Hundreds. This is the brand from down under’s first collaboration… ever! The Skateboard is being released to the public Thursday February 16th and will be available wherever Penny Skateboards are sold. The collaboration cruiser is limited to 400 which is pretty much making it the Porsche Carrera of skate culture!

Weekly Dose of Wisdom-

Wildfox Couture has released their Summer 2012 lookbook featuring Charlotte Fee and Photographed by Mark ‘The Cobra Snake’ Hunter in Hawaii… consider these photos your mini vacation from reality for today!

Earl Sweatshirt has returned!


and in other Odd Future news album artwork has been released for “Odd Future Tape Volume 2.” the artwork is a face that can never be replaced the one and only pro skateboarder and Golf Wang Pop Up Shop store manager Lucas Vercetti.

As a child it was a well known fact that Hot Wheel’s were always leading the way with their catchy jingle and flashy flame throwing logo. It appears that as a twenty something Alexander McQueen is now leading the way for digital printing the fashion industry with pieces like this fire print Mens button down shirt in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection you better be one hot tamale if you plan on pulling this piece off.

GET INTO OUR PANTS” the Spring 2012 Alice and Olivia collection

Until next week!