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SecreTea (1959 E Street NW) has a bonkers assortment of limited time spooky drinks for Halloween, and they look INSANE. (I repeat: IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. One is literally called Blood Bag, but I personally feel v. unafraid because I am 32 and BRAVE DOT COM.)

There are officially five drinks to choose from on the seasonal fall menu, and they are as follows:

Pumpkin Milk Tea – Secret Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Boba and Secret Pumpkin Sauce

Purple Taro Dirty Milk – Cheese Foam with Taro Powder in Fresh Secret Milk and Fresh Taro Sauce

Pumpkin Spice Dirty Milk – Cheese Foam with Cinnamon Powder, Fresh Secret Milk and Secret Pumpkin Sauce

Blood Bag – Assam Black Tea with Lychee Juice and Cranberry Juice

Pumpkin Spice Secret Latte – Heavy Cream with Cinnamon Powder, Espresso with Brown Sugar and Secret Pumpkin Sauce

(PS, before anyone asks, “dirty milk” is actually a legit milk tea term, not even remotely Halloween-related. Be not afraid!)

And if the descriptions weren’t enough to sell you, the photos definitely should // this is genuinely the most over-the-top milk tea I’ve ever seen:


Order online if you dare!

All images via SecreTea’s Instagram