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‘Tis the season for giving. Whether it’s familial presents, white elephant parties, or co-worker Secret Santa, chances are you’re going to be dropping some dough on a gift for someone that you hardly know. Gone are the days of buying Starbucks gift cards as a cop out for not actually knowing what a gift recipient likes, we’ve compiled a list made up entirely of D.C.-based products for every type of person you’ll find in D.C. So snaps for supporting local businesses and tricking your co-workers into thinking you actually know them.

The Workaholic

  • Mischo Beauty – Show them how they can still look good while pushing 18 hour days.
  • Printed Wild Clutch – See how much of their life they can stuff into this bag.
  • Caryn Cramer Pillows – Because their thin skinned face needs somewhere comfortable to rest after having one too many happy hour vodka sodas.
  • Matine Letterpress Notepad – Get them something to jot notes on besides a Starbucks napkin.
  • Hunny Bunny Face Mask – Help them go full Patrick Bateman with a natural face mask. Pairs well with being a hollow shell of a human being.
  • Appointed Co. Notebook – This minimalist notebook has just as much character as their personality.

The Person You Avoid on the Metro

  • Matine Rollerball Perfume  – Give them some nice perfume as a subtle way to let them know that they smell like shit.
  • Jon Wye Earbud Pockets – Get them earbud pockets to let them know you’re tired of listening to them yell out random obscenities.
  • Hunny Bunny Deodorant – Give that guy with the pit stains some much needed deodorant.
  • Hellrazor – Let them clean up a bit and then you’ll decide if you feel comfortable sitting next to them for eight stops.

The Hill Staffer

  • Innovators Box – Change things up a bit and have you be the one asking them a million questions.
  • Stitch & Rivet – Get those poor staffers a nice leather wallet, they’ll need it for all of the drinks they’ll be buying.
  • Nosegay – Show them that you actually, kind of, appreciate them by giving them some flowers.
  • Scout Lunch Box – Allow them to reach for a bite to eat in between writing press clips and giving tours.

The Hipster

  • Rachel Pfeffer – You can never go wrong jewelry.
  • Sarah Cecelia – In case jewelry isn’t their thing, go with some metal goods like a brass bottle opener.
  • Hunny Bunny – Get them some all natural bath and beauty products.
  • Stitch & Rivet – Buy them some vegan-friendly leather goods.
  • Shiny Apple Studio – Buy them another pin or two to add to their ripped jean jacket.

The Caffeine Enthusiast

  • Hollow Work– Get them a nice coffee cup to put their caffeine in.
  • Compass Coffee – Caffeine and oxygen are one in the same here, so getting them coffee is basically the equivalent of giving them life.
  • Marcella Kriebel – If they are a true caffeine addict, they’ll want this poster to keep in their cubicle.
  • Junius – Another option of coffee to gift.

The Health Nut

  • Gouter – They’re going to feel the need to cleanse after this holiday season.
  • Bright Greens – Because nothing brings them more joy than getting in all of their servings of greens for the day.
  • District Juicery – So is juice like a meal for them or…?
  • Underground Greens – Let them enjoy the gift of life by growing their own microgreens.
  • Greenheart – This is just becoming a juice section.
  • Jinsei Juice – Another cleanse for you to gift. FYI, cleanses don’t really work.

The Un-Stylish

(the dude looks fine)

The Zen Type:

  • Calabash – Stay warm this winter with some teas.
  • Handmade Habitat – Or share the warmth with some nice candles.
  • Dorpare Tea – Step aside Kardashians, we’ve got our own Fit Tea.
  • JSquared Candle – They’ve got therapeutic candles, body scrubs, and hand soaps to calm you down during this anxious time period.

The Person Who Doesn’t Want to pay $16 for a Drink:

The Tourist:

  • Scout Body Bag – Get them a nice crossbody bag to stuff their phone, Purell, camera, sunglasses, and trail mix into.
  • Stitch & Rivet – Buy a passport wallet for your world traveler.
  • Jon Wye Camera Straps – You’re not officially a tacky tourist until you have a camera swinging around your neck.

The Active

  • Grip Unlimited – Give them a bag that attaches to their bike. If only this was around when we still had newspaper boys.

The Activist

The Foodie

  • Harper Macaw – It’s not the holidays if you’re not stuffing your face with chocolate to avoid human interaction.
  • 5-12 Dessert – But really, you can never ever go wrong with getting desserts… unless they’re a self-proclaimed gluten free, vegan with a nut allergy.
  • Bazaar Spices – Teach them how to spice up their life.
  • The Pretzel Bakery – Nothing like a freshly baked soft pretzel to keep you warm on a cold day.
  • Stella’s PopKern – It’s not just for stringing around your Christmas tree.
  • Rise Bakery – You will be seen as a god in the gluten free community if you gift any of these items.
  • The Cookie Jar DC – Another cookie or ten will never hurt them.
  • The Capital Candy Jar – Sugar is always a plus.