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I have not once, in the month and a half that I’ve been working for BYT, ever listened to Cale. It’s not because I don’t like him, its just that I always think hes wrong. However, Cale has never been more on point than the day he sat me down and said “Son, if you never listen to another word I say hear this, THE SCREAMING FEMALES ARE FUCKING SICK”

Note: This entire situation is hypothetical, I listen to Cale all the time. He’s technically my boss so I have to.

Regardless, Cale, Jack White, and everyone in attendance for their set realize that ne’er a truer phrase has been spoken. I admit I was skeptical when I first heard the trio of Marissa Paternoster (Vocals/Guitar), “King” Mike Rickenbacker (Bass), and Jarrett Dougherty (Drums). I mean a shredding 5’2″ (approx) female guitar player? Just proves that sometimes sterotypes aren’t always right (don’t worry Marissa I saw you roll your eyes and laugh when I said all sterotypes were true (I’m an experienced reporter)).

I was lucky enough to hang out with the Screaming Females before their show on Tuesday and ask them a few questions about Jack White/Jersey/their new Album, meet their spiritual adviser/sick Polaroid photographer Ed, and Hutch, the coolest guy ever.


BYT: So let’s start from the beginning. Putting aside your actual musical abilities and self-garnered exposure, you can basically say that BYT is 100% the reason for your success right?

Screaming Females: Yes

BYT: Good answer. Cale, who you meet last night (blond mohawk kinda thing) wants to know if Jack White was intimidated after last night because you guys stole the show and if he seems to be scheming to ruin your future sets.

Jarrett: I’m not sure if he is intimidated by us but he’s definitely intimidating. He didn’t growl or anything but he’s only said hi so far. (Mike wants to add that he had to change his underwear after the meeting)

BYT: Kidding aside, What’s it like to play with/be around Jack White? I mean for all intents and purposes hes like a star or something. Does that ever get to you?

Mike: I just want to say more than “Hi, where’s my free beer.

Jarrett: We actually mostly talked to Jack Lawrence actually. He’s the one who got us on this tour. He said that we were such an inspiring band and I guess it’s cool, like the mutual adoration. Like it’s cool to see someone like Jack appreciate us as much as we appreciate him. Thats the point of art I guess, to have even the smallest performance make the same if not a larger impact than much bigger more intimidating performances

BYT: You all are from New Brunswick, NJ. At what point do the Jersey jokes start to bother you?

Mike: I actually go around telling people Jersey smells bad and the people are mean.

BYT: Did you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and can we take a collective road trip to Franklin Lakes to visit them?

Marissa: I heard something about it but I’ve never seen it.

Jarrett: Well I haven’t actually had a TV in a long time so I’m missing out

BYT: But we can take a road trip there together after this tour right?

Screaming Females: Of course

BYT: We’re going to Jersey! So, How did you all meet?

Jarrett: We were all at Rutgers for different points in time and actually Marissa and Mike knew each other from high school. It’s all a long story but I have a better story for you.

Note: Sal gets inside scoop, take that Rolling Stone

So Marissa and I started to hang out and Marissa had this huge ringworm infection and was on this really far away shitty campus and hated that place. And the most important date in Screaming Females history is when we went down to the like on campus doctor and got the ringworm checked out and Marissa moved off the lame campus to interact and be cool.

Marissa: I was less itchy and happy

BYT: The first time you played together did it all just click or did it take some time and fine tuning to get it together?

Jarrett: It was actually both things. Immediately we all worked well together. Marissa was actually the first person I ever met that actually focused on strong song structure and such. We didn’t really have a goal other than to just be who we are. We didn’t want to sound like a particular thing. That allows us to play whatever we want and not be a particular group.

BYT: What is the largest show you actually played before these two sold out shows yesterday and today?

Mike: The Middle East in Boston. It had a capacity of 600. The next show is going to be tough because there isn’t a proper soundcheck for us and it’s at terminal 5 in NYC. (Terminal 5’s capacity is 3000 as compared to the 9:30 which is around 1200 supposedly)

BYT: So lets talk about the new album you all just put out Power Moves. This was your first record on the Don Giovanni label correct?

Mike: There’s no difference except they put out the album.

Jarrett: That’s not really true, we had to do a ton of interviews and there was a lot more prep for actually having a real proper release. A lot of stuff was handled by the label but we had to do a lot more too. They didn’t really have an influence over the sound though which was nice. It was our regular sound.

BYT: Where do you get the inspirations for your songs?

Marissa: I dont know. (Marissa writes all the lyrics)

BYT: That’s the best answer I’ve gotten so far. Do you guys write songs while you are on the road or is it like a concerted sit down and write effort when you are not touring?

Jarrett: We only have written 1 song while touring and it was like a partial song we never finished it. We have no opportunity to write because we usually have to set up our gear to write songs and I guess we could do it during soundcheck but everyone would hate that.

BYT: So back to these performances, how did you get on the bill for these shows?

Jarrett: Like we said earlier Jack Lawrence found us. He and Ben who run Third Man Records in Nashville were at our Nashville show to see this band Jeff the Brotherhood. But after we played, Ben came up to us and was like totally blown away and started coming up with ideas for us. About a month later in the early Spring, we got a call from Ben and he told us that The Dead Weather wanted us to open for them on the tour. All we knew at the time was that it was Jack White and Allison Mosshart.

Mike: Yea I don’t even think they had a real website yet, all it was was a picture of Jack and Allison haha.

BYT: Getting that call must have been exciting?

Mike: Oh yea. Totally.

BYT: So let’s throw some questions to Marissa, how do you prevent yourself from losing your voice, I mean there is a lot of Screaming Female (no pun intended)?

Jarrett: Oh no pun totally intended.

BYT: Ok pun intended.

Marissa: I just taught myself how to scream without losing my voice. I’ve lost it a couple times but usually by the next day I’m ok.

BYT: I was hoping for a sweet answer like you do 6 shots of Bourbon and smoke a pack of Reds a day but the truth is cool too I guess. Have you had a chance to talk to Alison Mosshart and what guidance do you feel like you can extract from her Kills wisdom?

Marissa: Actually, I haven’t met her yet. Only the boys came over and introduced themselves. It’s still early in the tour though. Tonight’s only the second show.

BYT: Did you hear that story about all the new Kills music being ruined by Kate Moss?

Jarrett: I’ve already dated some crazies and I love them to death they are still great friends, but thankfully no music has been lost in the process.

BYT: Ok, this one is out there but, if you could create your own musical superhero what would would he/she look like and what would the super powers be?

Marissa: I know Mike’s haha. It would be a frog playing a fiddle.

Mike: OH yea, and it’s superpower would be that it’s a frog…playing a fiddle.

Marissa: I like to watch youtube videos of cats playing piano.

BYT: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Mike: I wanted to be a garbage man and then one day I jumped on the truck and fell off and hurt myself and then I decided I wanted to be a musician. But a week later my friend jumped on the garbage truck and he fell and got stitches. So yea.

BYT: So lastly, are your parents proud?

Jarrett: Yea mine are really proud. My dad was a semi-professional folk musician so he understands.

BYT: OK so any final remarks?

Jarrett: Just thanks to brightestyoungthings.com

Mike: and I still love hot sauce.