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Saturday was TOO GOOD, YOU GUYS. It was bizarre (though obviously welcome) to feel so empowered after not being able to get out of bed on Friday; I’d debated whether or not to go to DC, but in the end, I’m glad I stayed here in NYC, and I’m glad that droves of women and allies of all ages, races, creeds and sexualities got out there to oppose bigotry and ignorance in countless cities across the US and the globe. To anyone who’s said, “What good does a protest do?” I’d like to say, if nothing else, it BOOSTS GODDAMN MORALE! To know that millions of people support me (support us and sanity) is so, so important, and if I could repeat Saturday every weekend for the rest of my life, I would 110%. In the meantime, I’ll be hanging onto the memories from our 5+ hour march to Trump Tower, and will be replaying this video  (which is a little shaky, but sometimes it’s hard to balance enthusiasm w/ professionalism) forever dot com:

Don’t have time to watch it ’cause you’re too busy smashing the patriarchy? Here are GIFs of some of my favorite signs: