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I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to steer things this month, but then I remembered that today is my birthday, and the inspiration became clear – it had to be the King Kong Banana Split featured in Master of None S1E5, “The Other Man”!

“But Megan, what does that even have to do with your birthday?!”

WELL, I am so glad you asked! Every year on my birthday I (usually) eat a massive banana split for breakfast, and three years ago I went ahead and got crazy with the $22 King Kong Banana Split at Morgenstern’s, an ice cream shop located on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side. I was partially intrigued by the opulence, but it also helped that they were able to accommodate my slightly absurd request well before noon. (This, of course, was back before they switched up to post-noon hours, but it served me well upon turning 28, anyway.)

This is me eating it!

You might be familiar with this sundae if you’ve watched Master of None – in the fifth episode of the first season, Dev (Aziz Ansari) is waiting in line (at the IRL Morgenstern’s) to grab a King Kong Banana Split (inaccurately priced at $8 in the show, but also was served in a paper vessel, whereas the real deal is much fancier) when some dickhole businessman (who actually turns out to be the husband of Nina, aka Claire Danes, aka the hot lady Aziz meets at a party aka BOI-OI-OI-OI-OINGGG) snatches the very last one, and BLASPHEMOUSLY throws it in the garbage after ONE BITE like two seconds later! WHAT SAVAGERY IS THIS?!

In case you were wondering what comes in an ACTUAL King Kong, there are five scoops of ice cream (I think it varies depending on what’s available), bananas (duh), sesame caramel, pineapple AND Luxardo. It is a monstrosity. It is delicious. And (to my knowledge) they don’t typically run out.

SO, if you wanna get your banana split on (or any sort of ice cream on, really), then I would highly recommend swinging by 2 Rivington Street ASAP!

(Or if you’re doing Whole 30 or whatever, just live vicariously through Master of None again! YOU DO YOU!)