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We’re keeping the holiday theme going this week with Elf, specifically that scene where Buddy is interacting with NYC for the first time (while Louis Prima’s rendition of “Pennies From Heaven” plays), and is doing all of the cringe-worthy things!

The shot where he’s eating all of the gum from the subway entrance railing was filmed can be relived at the 23rd Street station of the N+R lines, should you be so bold as to chew nasty-ass wads of used gum!

You can also wave to strangers hailing a cab at Park Avenue and East 38th Street!

Or steal fliers from whoever’s standing outside West 46th Street and 7th Avenue…

…or skip across the street at 5th Avenue (between East 22nd and 23rd Streets)!

But perhaps most importantly, you should make a point to do a spinner in the revolving doors at 10 West 33rd Street and 5th Avenue! Just don’t barf after!

You can also obviously swing by the most iconic spots, like Central Park or the Rockefeller Center Tree or Macy’s or the Empire State Building, just be sure to pause for yellow cabs, ’cause THOSE ONES DON’T STOP!