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It’s winter out there, isn’t it? Just absolutely cold as hell, snowy, stormy, etc. There’s little we can do to keep our heads right but to dream of warmer weather. A time where a nice weekend getaway to a campsite or hell, maybe a lake house. Speaking of lake houses, let’s talk about the 2006 romance film The Lake House, which prominently features several iconic Chicagoland locations.

Do you not remember The Lake House? It’s about a magic mailbox that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock use to communicate with each other across time. Sandy and the K-man, back together like the good old Speedy days. Speed wasn’t shot in Chicago at all though so we’re not going to talk about Speed anymore. We’re going to talk about The Lake House!

Look at all of that Chicago! Multiple CTA shots, some Lakeshore Drive, some iconic parks, just an entirely surprising amout of shots of an urban landscape in a film ostensibly named after a secluded, rural place but actually about an enchanted mailbox. One of the film’s central plot points revolves around a car accident in front of Daley Plaza, an event referred to in the scene below. I don’t want to tell you much more so as not to spoil the whole thing of the movie, okay?

How did Keanu and Sandra manage to communicate across time? Honestly I don’t know dude. Alls I know is that it happened and at one point during their courtship they took a nice lil cross-time walking tour of Chicago, where you get to see some heavy duty downtown architectural textures, some train tracks over in the West Loop, and more! What better to take your mind off the frigid temps and chilling gusts than some nice shots of our city when it’s nice out? We’ll get there one day, my friends. For now, let’s spend a few minutes seeing the sights with a few movie stars.