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It’s time for holiday music! We’re pleased to premiere the seasonally appropriate “I Know What I Want” by Saw Black & the Toys. The new track could have been recorded 60 years ago and that’s a good thing. It’s a jangly, lovely, sway-y, non-denominational sing-a-long. For fans of Buddy Holly and tinsel, listen to the track below.

From Saw Black: “This song came about towards the end of writing the record. Andrew Murray pulled it out after I texted him saying that we needed an upbeat rocker to round out the record. To me it’s about the moment of falling for someone. I think it’s especially pertinent because it talks about not wanting any of the classic materialistic presents for Christmas but rather the love and affection of someone. I really wanted to have an electric guitar riff like the one in “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” and this was the perfect song for that to happen. In the studio we had tracked the main vocal and really wanted to push that nostalgic 60s vibe and we came up with those quintessential doowop-doowop background vocals. I also got to play drums on this one which was a blast!”

From Andrew Murray of The Toys: “Saw texted me one morning after we had already written 5 or 6 songs saying that we only needed 2 or 3 more to round out the album; preferably more upbeat and light. I was thinking of The Beach Boys, The Ventures, “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” etc., and tried to write it from the perspective of a kid in the 60s with a great big Christmas CRUSH!”

There are multiple local-ish chances to see Saw Black this holiday season.

12.7 – In-store at Steady Sounds
12.8 – Grand Illumination on 42nd St. in Virginia Beach, VA
12.11 – WNRN on-air holiday show
12.12 – Golden Pony in Harrisonburg, VA
12.13 – Vinyl Release Show at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA
12.15 – The Locker Room in Richmond, VA