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Our favorite Friends of the National Zoo party is back, and it tastes better than ever! ZooFari: Bite Night, sponsored by GEICO, which takes place on May 16 (use BYTE19 for a discount), gives you an excuse to hang out with the cutest animals in D.C. while you eat all the food (and drink all the drinks) you could ever want. It’s a tourist and children-free night at one of the most magical places in D.C. What could be better?

This year’s slate of restaurants includes local favorites like Duke’s Counter, Mintwood Place, Pennyroyal Station, The Pub & The People, Dolci Gelati, Barrel, Hill Country and so many more. Plus, you can expect drinks by District Winery, District Distilling Co and Virginia Distillery Company as well as guest hosts like Luigi Diotaiuti (of Al Tiramisu and Aperto), Cathal Armstrong (of Kaliwa) and Tim Ma (of Kyirisan and American Son).

Of course, there’s more to do than eat and drink (although we could definitely do that forever). The Small Mammal House, Great Apes, Think Tank and Reptile Discovery Center will be open for your perusal. There will also be a silent auction, live entertainment and mysteriously, yet delightfully named “wild activities.”

It’s also important to remember that ZooFari isn’t a wild party for the sake of having a wild party, it’s your chance to support the conservation work the National Zoo does every day around the world. So check out our photos from last year, grab your tickets and don’t forget to use the code BYTE19 for a sweet discount.