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Let’s face it people, we live in a disgusting swamp of humidity. Nobody in DC looks good in the summer. There is only one thing to do, head to a pool and hang out with a bunch of other grease faces.

So on Saturday, June 2nd, BYT is happy to announce we’ll be back for another round of Summer Camp, our long running pool party at the Capital Skyline Hotel!

It’s the sequel to last years infamous Hipster Camp…


Featuring all your favorite old school girl DJs spinning only tunes from 2000-2006 (the golden era of the hipster):

  • Lil’e (Right Round / Gaga vs. Madonna)
  • ReddAJ (Razzmatazz / Reform School)
  • The Pinstriped Rebel (Taking The Piss / Sound of Everything)
  • VictoryRose (Noise Academy / Champagne Socialism)
  • Junebullet (She.Rex)

For the Brightest Old Things out there, tell the wifey she still looks good in that skull print bikini, grab your 1987 Fun Run tee, and get ready to never be alone again, so c’mon.

For you new Brightest Young Things, sit down and let me tell you about a time when not everyone listened to Arcade Fire. Back in the day there were only a select group of people who had good taste. And they knew it. And everyone thought they were pretentious assholes, which they were, but then in 2005 Float On got nominated for a Grammy and the world started realizing that they wanted to be pretentious assholes too and then your mom started listening to Sufjan Stevens and read the Millenium Trilogy and the whole zeitgeist shifted and some kid in the middle of bum fuck nowhere could get on the internet and hear what some kid in Brooklyn was singing, and see what some kid in Barcelona was drawing, and see what some kid in Paris was wearing, and then he made and did stuff that was just as cool and people started caring a little more about the quality of the food they ate and nerdy things like D&D and comic books made bajillions of dollars in the theaters, and then that guy on American Idol started styling his hair like me so I changed it, but then he came back and had changed it also and my mom was actually weirdly proud of him because she subconsciously on some level sort of thought that was me even though when I sing it sounds like goose fart, and even manufactured hipsters like Lana Del Rey are still better than what passed as popular entertainment only a few years back and now some weird little coffee shop in North Caroline with a weird little art exhibit can play Animal Collective and not go out of business and there is that little art space in Vienna, VA that is sort of sad, but also sort of inspiring at the same time, and the world just became a better place and everyone started wearing tighter pants. But for one more Saturday, let’s remember what it used to be like back in the old days and whip out those buddy holly glasses and keffiyehs, argue on the internet whether this party is post post ironic or not, pretend/announce loudly that you don’t follow sports or some other popular trend, rev up the Vespa, don’t shave that mustache, practice your best coked out eyeballs in the mirror, and download some Jack Kerouac to your Kindle cause this is gonna be deck.

All the croosh deets here:

  • Bride of Hipster Camp starts at 11am and goes till 7pm.
  • $15 for all day good times!
  • Pool games and contests!
  • Bullhorns!
  • Water balloons!
  • String headbands!
  • Cute interns!
  • All ages!
  • Probably Tito!
  • Inflatables!
  • Get there early for the best spots!

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and check out the pics from last time: