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in preparation for all things wonderful that will happen this wednesday:

sarah claxton photography show @ tonic (8:00 pm)
Sarah Claxton is a Washington, DC based photographer.

She began her career while living in the Middle East in 1998.

Upon returning to the states, Sarah enrolled in the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts & Sciences.

In 2003, she interned and worked with photographer Mary Ellen Mark in New York. Sarah Claxton has since returned home to DC to begin her own business.

Sarah works regularly in the Washington area, specializing in Commercial and Editorial photography.

She is available for travel, and in her spare time enjoys freelancing as a digital retoucher.

Her clients include Sports Illustrated, Northern Virginia Magazine, On Tap Magazine, friends, local musicians (and anyone else that hires her).

Her work is featured in “Cuba: Framing Time,” a collection of photo-essays co-published by Sarah Claxton and Brooks Institute.

In one of her most recent endeavors, Sarah acted as the Photography Coordinator for Feld Entertainment.
This entailed producing photo-shoots, art directing, editing and retouching for the companies three productions: Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey, Disney on Ice and Disney Live.

Yes, Sarah has a lot of experience. Yes, Sarah knows some clowns.

Sarah is the proud owner and wearer of Richard Avedon’s former winter hat.

In her personal time, Sarah enjoys hanging out with friends, seeing rock shows and is trying to learn how to ride a bike in the city.

Any help is appreciated – she is terrified.

Sarah’s friends call her “mammal”. If visiting the DC area, you should take a look at the small mammal exhibit at the Natural History Museum. They are small and ferocious. Clients may also call her mammal – she actually responds to this

sarah claxton also has a show of 10 never before seen prints this wednesday

september 13th

at tonic. starting at 8 pm.

there will be beauty, magic, and short dresses on display and a special drink that jay is rallying to call “the taste of the mammal”.


and for now see 10 images you will NOT see on wednesday.

bcse they are not new. but are still beautious.

reach sarah at:


and then the myspace page:

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