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Now that the weather is officially looking unfortunate, it is time to start focusing our winter efforts on drinks that will make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And since W’s POV had one of our favorite winter cocktail menus last year, we jumped at the chance to sacrifice ourselves at the altar of taste testing (the things we do for you) and see what they have  in store for us this season (the fact that the rooftop bar comes with plush blankets included is a nice touch if there ever was one). The general vibe, as Urban Daddy put it, is apres-ski, minus the pesky skiing part.

all photos: Shauna Alexander
SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0799 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0790

Things we tried:

Snowmageddon (Housemade Irish cream, Coffee liqueur,  Hazelnut liqueur, Simple syrup, Coffee, Fresh whipped cream and a Cinnamon stick garnish): their homage to the snowstorm of 2010 – delicious but might be best dealt with in small doses.

SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0789 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0786 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0782

S’more Whisky (Crème de Cacao, Drambuie, Housemade hot chocolate, and Graham cracker marshmallow rim): a favorite, combining the kick of the whisky with the perfect little s’mores (if you play nice, maybe they’ll torch them in front of you like they did for us).

SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0775 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0769

Rouge (Chilled red sangria available by the pitcher) (Jim Beam, Pinot Noir, Orange and Pomegranate juices).

SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0764 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0760

Hot Peanut Buttered Rum (Housemade peanut butter-infused Cruzan rum, Cinnamon tea, Butter, and Fresh whipped cream): you can taste the peanut butter all over this bad boy, which can be something you absolutely love (me) or not love at all (as was the case with one of our tasting companions).


The (District) Maple Leaf (Jim Beam Bourbon,  Maple-infused simple syrup, Lemon juice and lemon peel garnish, served with a single Taisin ice sphere (for the ice nerds out there)): extra strong, extra zesty…this is the one you order to impress your date.


And we saved our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for last: Cin-Apple Cider, which is Vodka + Spicy housemade apple cider (you see where this is going), Caramel, Cinnamon sugar rim, and Apple garnish.

We recommend you consume it like this: soak the apple garnish in the drink, eat it (while the drink cools down a little), and then work your way around the cinnamon sugar rim with each sip. If cuddling by the fireplace tasted like something, it would taste like this.

SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0747 SA.BYT.WHolidayCocktails_20101109_0745

Let us know what some of your favorite seasonal cocktails in DC are in the comments.