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To get to know the bands that BYT and The Hamilton will feature as part of the upcoming DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler, Vol. 1 on April 6, enjoy this questionnaire  series we’ll be rolling out this week. Today we connect with BLACK HILLS

Aaron Estes Black Hills provides the much-needed kind of synthpop that D.C. is somehow, on the whole, lacking. We talked to Aaron, arguably the District’s own electropop singer/songwriter about boxed wine and being alone.  It should also be noted that this post is punctuated by some great shots from our Emerging Artists fashion profiles, which can be found right over here.

  • Name
    Black Hills / Aaron Estes
  • Hometown
    Washington, D.C. via Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Who is your favorite artist – old or new, popular or obscure – and why?
    AIR – I don’t know how to answer why. I connect with almost everything they do.
  • What’s your favorite current trend in music – or – What’s your least favorite?
    Least favorite: power folk.
    Favorite: comedy in modern country.
  • What has been your worst job ever and why?
    Selling hair salon promos on the street. Just imagine.
  • If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
    Sushi and boxed wine.
  • Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
    Michelle Obama and Robyn.
  • What’s your favorite drunkfood spot in the DMV?
    Honestly, I haven’t really done that in a while.
  • What is the last piece of art (music, movie, book, gallery piece, plastic floating in the wind) that blew you away?
    Probably the Dum Dum Girls’ End of Daze EP. And this art:
    (Anselmo Giovanni‘s “Entrare nell’opera”)
    Who would you love to play alongside someday?
    Do you have any sort of rituals or supersititions before you hit the stage?
    I have a ritual where I stress out a bunch and only eat cough drops for 24 hours. Then I just try to be alone for a while before performing. To really play the songs right, I need to forget about everything around me. Maybe it’s why I feel so connected to the Anselmo piece. I don’t know.8573821671_f5f2933f47_z