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What’s up racers?! We are back for a new installment of my Drag Race RuCap! Let’s catch you up to speed Joslyn Fox was just sent home by Adore and Bianca Del Rio won a trip to Hawaii! Oh also Miss Darienne Lake is being a bitter Betty. Consider yourself caught up!


Everybody loves Puppets! The Queen are asked to Ddrag out dolls in the illusion of their fellow competitors! The Puppet Theatre is open for business and they are putting on some shady shows! My top puppet masters are Bianca (doing Adore) and BenDeLa (doing Bianca), Ru names Madame BenDeLaCreme the winner of this mini challenge!

Main Challenge

Alright darlings, it’s time for the Ball Challenge… Who doesn’t love a good ball challenge? Our lady boys must put together three glitter ball looks, the first look is Banjee Girl Bling, followed by Platinum Card Executive Realness and then Dripping in Jewels Eleganza!

Things get real in the Werk Room when Miss Lake starts to  sharpen her claws on Adore! Watch out gurl no one likes an evil bitch… Oh wait… What am I saying the gays love an evil bitch! Keep it up! During Ru’s walk through we find out that Adore gets really emotional, Darienne needs to be a Winner and Bianca can do no wrong.
But wait there’s more… On top of the three looks the dolls must choreograph and dance to a fabulous opening number! Good luck ladies!


Enter RuPaul looking stunning in this beautiful fuchsia gown! Introducing the judges panel we have the fabulous Michelle Visage and Santino Rice with special guest judges Bob Mackie and Khloe Kardashian! Let’s Bling it On!

Opening Dance
Ehh.. I was bored…. Next!

Banjee Gurl Bling

BenDeLaCreme – street walker Realness
Adore Delano – C’mon Pretty Woman!
Bianca Del Rio– Miley Cyrus much?!
Darienne Lake – Jade Jolie Realness!!!
Courtney Act – Smells Like Queen Spirit

Platinum Card Executive Realness

BenDeLaCreme – fabulously campy
Adore Delano – TJ Maxx Realness
Bianca Del Rio – Werking 9to5
Darienne Lake – this says PTA not CEO
Courtney Act – if it had been a pencil skirt this would have been perfection!

Dripping in Jewels Elaganza

BenDeLaCreme – total showgirl!!!!
Adore Delano – Ice Queen
Bianca Del Rio – very Southern Belle
Darienne Lake – oh no….
Courtney Act – blah… Expected more


In my opinion, BenDeLa was amazing but the judges most certainly would disagree with me. Darienne missed the marks on all three looks and Adore got a rave review… Really?

 We find BenDeLa and Darienne back in the bottom two and Adore is the winner (Really?). The dolls battle it out to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and Miss Lake is turning it out!!!!! Ultimately one girl must go, So we say farewell to BenDeLa.

Until next week keep on tucking!

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