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Well gals and pals here we are….Top Four! I was so sad to see BenDeLaCreme go home last week I thought that girl had real talent… But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. But, at least that bitch got in one last read in the end… she left of those queens a lengthy goodbye message… and you should know lipstick is hard to clean off a mirror, okayyy!


Enter Michelle Visage in the illusion of BenDeLaCreme to give the girls today’s assignment. The dolls are going to star in RuPaul’s latest music video, Sissy That Walk. They will have to showcase their dance skills, acting chops, and show some real Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent! Good luck!

Choreographer, Jamal Sims shows up to teach our queens the “Sissy-ography” to which Darienne & Bianca seem to have trouble. Hmmm, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Lunch Time with Mama Ru!

Each of the girls have a sitdown luncheon with RuPaul herself where they have a quaint heart to heart.

Courtney Act – Ru tells Courtney that she seems to be a little too perfect, a little too resting on pretty. She needs open up and show vulnerability and be a little messy, this is a critique Courtney has received several times over the season.

Darienne Lake – RuPaul brings up a tough point in Darienne’s life, the time when her mother kicked her out and she explains that was from this she really had to learn to love her self and she kind of realizes she has more support from RuPaul than she does from her own mother (on a personal note sometimes we find more strength/love in the family we create then the family we were born into).

Bianca Del Rio– OK, now this was intriguing! The repertoire between Rupaul and Bianca wasn’t like the others sit downs. It was kind of like they were just two gals on the same level having a friendly little chitchat it wasn’t really the sort of, you know, Mentor-protégé feel like with the others. Hmmm, very interesting right?!

Adore Delano – I sometimes forget how young Adore is. She’s 23 years old and she still sort of forming herself. RuPaul touched on some very emotional points and brought up some painful memories of Adore’s father and her youth (again, on a personal, note for those of us who are naturally flamboyant or feminine growing up isn’t easy when you have these ideals of manhood and what boys ought to be shoved in your face on the daily and all you want to do is frolic and have fun being yourself and your told to butch it up or hide who you are. I can completely relate to Adore’s story).

Main Challenge

On the green screen the girls must now showcase the choreography to Sissy that Walk by RuPaul (available on iTunes and Amazon). Unlike in the werkroom, on the green screen Adore is having difficulties with the choreography, Bianca seems to have it together but poor Darienne is just lagging behind! Not good! The acting challenges are highly entertaining everyone seems to be doing a good job there are really no poor performance is here, and RuPaul looks hysterical in a jheri curl!


RuPaul looking Psychedelically Sick-o-Ning on tonight’s runway along with Michelle Visage and Santino Rice.  It’s our final runway let’s take a look at these four gorgeous gals!

Adore Delano – Very Nomi Malone!
Bianca Del Rio – Elaganza!!!!
Courtney Act – it’s getting sheer up in here!
Darienne Lake – shimmy shimmy!

We are down to the final four and RuPaul has the dolls battle it out to Sissy That Walk (sidenote she is really trying to sell that single on this episode… right?!) Each girl has her own unique take on the song and really they are just serving it, having a good time and making the audience remember why we love them so much but in the end one girl must go home and sadly it’s the plus sized princess Miss Darienne Lake who must sashay away!


There you have it! Only two weeks till RuPaul’s Drag Race crowns a Winner!


Remember to join me and the Final Four at Town Danceboutique on June 7th!



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