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Racers, we are back!!! After sending Trinity K. Bonet packing, the dolls enter the werk room to gossip, grieve and congratulate Courtney’s win! Plus, shade is tossed about when the girls realize that Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act are the only queens left who haven’t lip-synced.

Mini-Challenge: Twerks of Art

Today’s mini challenge is a little abstract. The ladyboys must dawn nude body suits and drench themselves in paint then twerk (yes, twerk) over canvas to make a werk of art inspired my marriage equality. This sounds like hot mess waiting to happen… and it is!  In the end RuPaul named Bianca Del Rio the Winner!


Ladies and Gentlemen (and all those in between), we have arrived at the Makeover Challenge! Ru introduces a set of blushing brides to be and asks Bianca, mini challenge winner, to pair them with the remaining queens. But wait, there is a twist!  After Miss Del Rio pairs the brides with the Queens Ru brings out the grooms, these are the actual makeover challenges! The plot thickens … and so does my beard; damn this queen needs another shave!

As the queens start to work with their new bride/grooms we can automatically see a few tension points. Adore cannot sew and she has never done anyone’s makeup before! Joslyn’s bride seems to have major reservations about doing this challenge. Meanwhile Darienne’s groom wants a goth wedding which may be an issue because the challenge supplies only came in white and silver. Yikes, these birds have a lot on their plates!

As the queens get ready for the runway a shady reading session erupts between Courtney and Adore!  Phrases like “Hog Body” and “Honey Mahogany Dress “are tossed about. Oh my! Also Joslyn’s Bride/Groom is spouting some serious concerns about this challenge and risking his basketball life… did he not know he was signing up for RuPaul’s Drag Race?


Tonight RuPaul is serving checkerboard chic! Ru introduces the judges panel featuring Michelle and Santino with special guest Gay Hollywood power couple David Burtka and Doogie Howser himself Neil Patrick Harris! Let’s Prance!

Joslyn & Brandonna Fox – Traditional and classy. Who knew?
Courtney & Rien Act – Damn, that’s a big ass woman!
Bianca & Fifi Del Rio – Picture Perfect!
Darienne Lake & Ann Droguny – She’s Dark Sided!!!
Adore & Honey Bun Delano – WTF?
BenDeLaCreme & Suzette a La Mode – Her colors are blush and bashful.

RuPaul performs the wedding ceremony (oh yes, hunty, the Queen is ordained!) and the couples exchange beautiful vows!


Gurllll! We have a runaway bride! Joslyn’s bride bolts during critique! and vomits off stage. How very Willam of her! Courtney snatches the spotlight from her bride (not in a good way) an Adore’s entire group look was simply Rough!

Bianca Del Rio is the winner of tonight’s challenge leaving Adore and Joslyn to take it to church with a battle to the beat of “Think” by Aretha Franklin. To my surprise,  Adore won sending Joslyn packing! (I loved her sweet personality.)

Hey, kids! Join me on Monday, April 28th at Number Nine for the Drag Race Viewing Party with my special co-Host LaGanja Estranja. Until next week, keep on tucking!

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