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Alright, kiddies, we are back! Are you ready for part one of my double feature RuCap Extravaganza?! Well buckle up, bitches, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! I hope that you have your cocktails in tow because tonight shit gets real! Our Queens enter the werk-room after MILK’s elimination. Trinity K. Is worried about her place in the competition, Courtney is miffed about Ru’s critique and Darienne Lake is sharpening her claws…BenDeLa Creme, you in danger, gurl!

rupaul 2



For the mini challenge our ladies have to show off their skills as hand models and werk a fruit basket! I personally enjoyed BenDeLa’s dainty peeling of the banana but it looks like LaGanja is the victor.

rupaul 4


Main Challenge
The basic essentials for any drag queen are a smoky eye, a cherry lip… and a roll of duct tape. Tonight the girls have to make infomercials for RuPaul’s NEW Glamazon make up line by Colorevolution. Rule pairs odd couples Courtney & Joslyn, Darienne & BenDeLa, LaGanja & Adore and Trinity K. & Bianca… This should be juicy. When Ru does his walk of the werk-room we instantly see the discord between Darienne and BenDeLa.  Yikes, girls! I would at least pretend to get along when Ru is around. Speaking of pretending, damn, if Trinity K. could just put a smile on her face and fake it for just a little bit she would be better off in this competition…she can be such a Debbie Downer.

rupaul 3

On set the girls have to act out their infomercials in front of Michelle Visage and RuPaul. Adore is hitting it out of the park while LaGanja is going up in smoke. Courtney Act & Joslyn have a few flaws in their scene. Personally I found Darienne and BenDeLa hysterical and loved the concept with Bianca and Trinity… This is going to be a tuff one to call.

In preparation for the runway we see a very touching moment between Trinity and Bianca. Who knew this sassy ass bitch would have a heart of gold? Also it’s nice to see Trinity finally warming up to somebody.

rupaul 1


RuPaul is a color evolution herself in this gorgeous multicolored gown! Tonight’s judges panel has Michelle Visage & Santino Rice along with our special guests Lainie Kazan & Leah Remini! Our dolls had to werk the runway wearing their best black and white! Bring on the Fashion ExtravaGanza!

LaGanja Estranja – very Biker Chic meets Storm from the X-Men.

Adore Delano – love everything but the hat!

Bianca Del Rio – a total southern belle!

Trinity K Bonet– I’d blow on her dice!

BenDeLa Creme – Yes! C’mon, hour glass!

Darienne Lake – Delta Burke-at-the-1987-Emmys realness!!!

Courtney Act – Serving Rainbow Trout, literally.

Joslyn Fox – Stop relaying on that ____ !


rupaul 5


Notes from the Judges Table
Lainie Kazan thought BenDeLa’s hair looked like a penis (yes, I spat out my  Cosmo when I heard this). Michelle wants more realness from her Drag Queens & Leah Remini is simply amazing!

Adore & LaGanja win and the camera pans to Michelle, who is serving up some awesome facial expressions! LaGanja says “I’m shocked” and Michelle responds “So am I.” Yes, bitch! Shade the haus down, boots!!!!!! This leaves BenDeLa and Darienne Lake to battle it out to the tune of “Point of No Return” by Expose. Well, children, let me tell you this lip-synch was a battle royale… It was so amazing the RuPaul decided to let both Queens stay! Get into it!

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