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Alright racers we’re back with another glamorous exciting episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race! This week, I was joined by MILK at Number 9 for DC’s Official RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party. Lap up this milky picture, and let’s get started.



The dolls enter the werkroom and they dish about April Carrion going home, and about Milk’s delivery room couture. Then, we have miss weeping willow herself, LaGanja (has she cried in every episode so far?)

Tension between LaGanja and Bianca rise (leaving me tickeled pink) and the other queens just sit back and watch.

Enter our hostess with the mostesst! Ru announces that everyone’s favorite challenge, Snatch Game, is upon us! As Ru walks the werkroom we find that there are some definite challenges facing the gurls. BenDeLa Creme is doing Dame Maggie Smith (risky) Gia Gunn is doing Selena (bitty bitty dumb dumb) and Milk is doing Julia Child (Ru is not impressed). But the biggest risk of the night is Miss Bianca Del Rio impersonating Judge Judy – who is RuPaul’s favorite TV personality. Gurrrlllss…the pressure is on!

Main Challange: SNATCHGAME!

This is what you wait for all season! We join the celebrity panel along with special guests Heather McDonald and Gillian Jacobs.

Here’s who we got:

Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy
Adore Delano as Anna Nicole (Smith)
Milk as Julia Child
Courtney Act as Fran Drescher
LaGanja Estranja as Rachel Zoe
Darienne Lake as Paula Deen
Gia Gunn as Kim Kardashian (a last minute switch from Selena)
Joslyn Foxx as Teresa Giudice
BenDeLa Creme as Maggie Smith
Trinity K. Bonet as Nicki Minaj

Alright let’s break this mother down! The shining stars of the Snatch Game are Bianca Del Rio, Adore, Joslyn Foxx, and BenDeLa Creme. They were solid in their character and hilarious! The rest were so-so with the exception of Gia Gunn and Trinity K Bonet. They were down right awful! Did anyone else clock Trinity pulling a Chad Michaels? COME ON GIRL…be original!

Runway: Who Ru’d it Best?

The lady of the night, RuPaul, stomps the runway in a stunning fresh graphically genius gown (this is a new look) On tonight’s judges panel we have the bodacious blonde Michelle Visage, Mr. SourPuss Santino Rice and special guests Heather McDonald and Gillian Jacobs. Everyone of tonight’s runway looks will be inspired by RuPaul herself. So, let’s gag on the elaganza of a night of 1000 Ru’s!

Joslyn Foxx – I don’t see RuPaul but I see a trashy saloon girl
Gia Gunn – I don’t like her but I love this dress
Darienne Lake – Meow!
LaGanja Estranga– C’Mon Cat Suit!
Bianca Del Rio – Stunning!
Adore Delano – Anna Nicole Smith meets Diana Ross?
Trinity K Bonet – that hair! that dress!
BenDeLa Creme – Spot On! Identity Theft
Courtney Act – Super Model of the World
Milk – A ballsy move going down the runway as boy Ru! As long as those balls are tucked, hunty.


Milk gets read the house down for coming out as.. well .. As a dude. Then, there is Adore. Michelle still is not satisfied with the length of her dress or her hair options but she is pleased that she learned to cinch! (Thanks to Bianca).

BenDeLa Creme is tonight winner leaving Gia Gunn and LaGanja to battle! (I think everyone knows who I was routing for… ). The dolls duke it out to Head to Toe by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. And it was a fierce fight full of splits, kicks, and costume changes. But, ultimately, Miss Gia Gunn is sent home and the world breaths a sigh of relief!

You know what’s better than watching RuPaul’s Drag Race? DRINKING? You know what’s even better than that? Drinking AND watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with friends. Join me every Monday night at Number 9 for DC’s official RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party.

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