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Everyone’s a critic but I’m just a bitch welcome back to RuPaul’s Drag Race season six! I’m your RuCap Queen Ba’Naka, DC’s former Best Drag Queen, and like DC’s former Mayor Marion Barry, I’m shady as f*ck! So let’s get CRACK’n shall we…

ru paul 4

The dolls walk into the werk room with Vivacious gone, yes one of New York’s legendary children sashayed away last episode. The girls de-drag, Gia Gunn acts the fool, Bianca Del Rio throws some shade and I giggle like a little schoolgirl!


ru paul 8

OoOoOoo Gurl You Got Shemale and it’s obvious that this is going to be a musical challenge (has anyone else noticed that Ru is a lot less cryptic this season)



ru paul 9


Female or Shemale? This weeks mini challenge requires the girls to take a look up close at celebrities and determine if they are a biological female or psychological female…The winners of the mini challenge are BenDeLa Creme and Adore! (Adore is racking up these mini challenges)


Main Challenge: Shade: The Rusical

ru paul

Our queens are putting on quite the ambitious production of Shade: the RuSical! Team Adore vs Team BenDeLa, the girls choose their teams and shocking Trinity Kardashian Bonet is the last one picked… yet again (cue the violins) In rehearsals some competitive tension arises between “Idols” Courtney Act & Adore, is this going to be the Mariah and Whitney of this season? (Hisssssssss!). During team BenDeLa Creme’s tech rehearsals with my sexy sexy sexy future baby daddy Lucian Piane, Gia seems to be clueless and Trinity, well Trinity is just being down right difficult! Enter Team Adore! April Carrion sounds like she is strangling cats when she sings… Meanwhile I am super impressed with the Adore’s vocals. It looks like she will be carrying this team.

The blonde bombshell herself RuPaul enters it is stunning multicolor sequined gown! Ru welcomes our Judges panel, Michelle Visage, Santino Rice, my boo-thang Lucian Piane and the fabulous Sheryl Lee Ralph.


Act One – Team BenDeLa Creme

All I have to say is… Fan-F*cking-Tastic!

ru paul 3

Act Two – Team Adore

Ummm ok… It was shaky & kind of messy. With the exception of Milk it was really bad.


ru paul 2


Runway Critique

ru paul 5


  • Bianca Del Rio – Golden Gurrrl
  • Trinity K. Bonet – Stunning!
  • Darienne Lake – a Shamrock Shake gone bad
  • Gia Gunn – Finally a tasteful Nude
  • BenDeLa Creme – Her Rose has Bloomed
  • Courtney Act – Very Prom 1998
  • LaGanja Estranga – Yes Bitch! werk!!!
  • April Carrion – it’s a nice day for a White Wedding Dress
  • Jocelyn Foxx – Very Stepford
  • Milk – Ha! Baby bump Realness!
  • Adore Delano – Oh look another mermaid dress -_-


Top Notes from the Judges Panel


Bianca, Milk, Laganja, Gia, & Jocelyn are safe. During the critique Trinity K Bonet gets read for filth by Sheryl Lee Ralph! She tells that queen to put a cork in it and I nearly peed my panty-girdle… And then I realized she was giving her a dialect training exercise. (Grumble… Always ruining my fun) Adore gets read by Michelle for not wearing a waist-cincher… Yet again… Learn bitch!

ru paul 6

The thunder from down under Courtney Act won the challenge leaving our grrrls Trinity K Bonet & April Carrion to lip-synch for their lives to “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan! And baby miss Trinity slayed this song! Sending April packing.


Well that concludes another RuCap of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six my name is Ba’Naka and I am your hostess and MC every Monday night at Number Nine for the RuPaul’s Drag Race Official Logo viewing party! On Monday March 24th.