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Bienvenue, Namaste, Hey Gurl Hey! Welcome to season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race! I’m Ba’Naka, I’ll be your hostess, guide and grief counselor for this season of RDR! Let’s dish the dirt on episode one!
We meet the first …seven contestants… that’s right only seven! Ru is switching things up and introducing all the grrrrls over the course of two episodes. Let’s meet the first group shall we…
Adore is clearly the ingénue of the season, young but with a bit of a mouth on her (see: Danny Noriega/ American Idol.. what? I thought you knew) the next gal is super bubbly overly sweet Ben Delacreme/she’s got a cute shtick. Enter miss Gia Gunn, ladies and gentlemen we have just met the Bitch of the season (but damn if I don’t want that hula hoop purse). Next up is Mizz Laganja Estranja who makes an unforgettable entrance featuring a quirky ensemble and a sickening death drop..children don’t try this at home! Para trooping into the Werk Room all the way from Puerto Rico is April Carrion…not a fan of her debut outfit but I think we can expect bigger and better from this queen. Kelly Mantle enters the room and miss Gia Gunn is NOT impressed. Our final Queen arrived, one of the “Legendary Childen” Vivacious …. and frankly I am not impressed….


Following Drag Race tradition Mike Ruiz (photographer to the stars and all around Hot Daddy) photographs the dolls but like every season that has come before, their is a twist…the ladies must photograph gracefully while jumping into a pile of foam blocks…sounds kinda fun if you ask me.

Main Challenge

The first main challenge of season six is inspired by the boob-tube herself: Television! The gals have to make couture creations out of a bunch of scrap fabrics and random items but each of our leading ladyboys must follow a TV show theme! Winner of the mini-shallenge Laganja hands out the themes, Duck Dynasty to April, Golden Girls to Ben Delacreme, Keeping Up with the KarTrashians to Gia Gunn, Honey BooBoo to Adore (She was not amused darlings), Downton Abbey to Kelly Mantle, Game of Thrones to Vivacious and Dancing with the Stars, which Laganja took for herself.
When Ru walks the Werk Room, I am still shocked by the sheer fact that we are on Season 6 and these hard headed hoe’s still don’t seem to get that when RuPaul tells you not to do something or warns against an outfit choice, you should just shut up and take her advice (Do I need to bring up the Lady Gaga: Snatch Game debacle of 2012?) but these gurls don’t seem to listen. And in related news, Adore Delano (or Mint Milano as I’ve been calling her)accidentally glued her garment to the fitting dummy thus bringing joy to catty bitches everywhere…Thank you Adore.


Lights Camera Action….it’s ShowTimeRuPaul, who looks stunning in this draped sequin gown, introducing us to the judges panel, the tit-tacular Michelle Visage, Santino Rice are back along with special guest judges Mike Ruiz and the Glam Rocker herself – Adam Lambert! (Who happens to be my biggest celebrity crush!)
Runway Critique
Gia Gunn – I don’t really see Kardashian or Couture in this I see more of S&M Ice Capades Realness.
Laganja Estranja – Sister Act 4: Outta the Habit and Back on the Pole
Kelly Mantle – Less Downton Abbey more Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars circa 2002
Adore Delano – Honey Boo Boo all grown up/ morning after the Prom
Vivacious – Messy Messy Messy, but at least she gives great bird
Ben Delacreme – Pure fucking Genius! Hit the mark completely

Top Notes from the Judges Panel

Ben Delacreme could be Michelle Visages illegitimate son/daughter. Adore is quick witted and can spin a tale, and Adam Lambert wants to F*CK April Carrion…. did I miss anything? Oh the best line of the night
Michelle Visage to LaGanja “You are filled with energy, aren’t you…”
Ultimately,  Vivacious and Kelly Mantle are in the bottom two with Adore just barely spared. Our Winner tonight was Madame Delacreme! The Two Queens battle it out (rather boringly) to Madonna’s Express Yourself.  Sadly, Kelly Mantle is sent home and Vivacious remains. Next week we meet the other 7 contestants…I can’t wait!
There you have it folks! And if you want to join the Drag Race experience live come to Number Nine for my RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party on Mondays from 8pm to 10pm for trivia, drink specials and prizes!