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Alright kids we are back for the third installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six and gurls it’s about to get real catty…Meow!

Our two groups of queens finally get fully integrated and you know what, these bitches are some shady mother-tuckers! Especially miss Gia Gunn… girl get a grip and by the way has anyone else clocked that Michael Jackson nose? (Please note that I said Michael and not Janet… There is a reason…) But don’t fret Bianca Del Rio puts the diva and her place!



Ohhhh Gurl you got she-mail (and not the Gia kind… Thank you Courtney!)  For the mini challenge our girls are asked to group up and put together a two-person bikini ensemble! That’s one top and one bottom.. which is kind of funny considering I only see a handful of tops at a whole bunch bottoms on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. By the way did anyone else clock Milk‘s tuck or rather non-tuck? Homegirl was serving goose egg realness!

Winners: Milk and Adore

Main Challenge

For the main challenge the girls have to put the fear in Fierce and create a campy scary movie. As team captains Milk and Adore are asked to pick their teammates and funny enough both queens and up choosing their original core group… Can someone say Clique (Michelle is going to be pissed!)

Notes from the main challenge … Well basically Trinity is fucking this shit up and RuPaul for the first time in six seasons actually gets up out of her chair to show the bitch how it’s done… I am gagging! And Adores team is completely completely #completely f*cked! Aside from Ben Delacreme the entire team is kinda a mess. By the way Michelle & Ru’s interaction and facial expressions through the entire filming are the bees knees!


The Queen has arrived! Girl if I could mop any wig from this season so far it would be this sickening gray/lavender wig with black roots that RuPaul is rocking! #Everything RuPaul introduces us to the judges panel we have the gorgeous Michele Visage along with Santino Rice and our two special guests, scream queen Linda Blair and Game of Thrones mistress miss Lena Heady!
The dolls were asked to walk the runway wearing their best dragz..so, let’s clock/critique these looks…

Runway Critique

  • Bianca Del Rio– yes bitch! Serving Elaganza!
  • Courtney Act– elegant Australian realness!
  • Joslin Fox– apparently disco has not died
  • Trinity Bonet– simply beautiful
  • Milk – She’s been telling Lies!
  • Darienne Lake– Very Angelic but I kinda hate the length.
  • April Carrion– April Showers/Golden Showers
  • Laganja Estranja– Odd yet Amazing!
  • Gia Gunn– ehh… it’s a cat suit…next
  • Adore Delano – The little Mermaid meets S&M
  • Ben DelaCreme– very showgrrrrl
  • Vivacious– umm well.. Um.. It’s different?

Top Notes from the Judges Panel

They review the two videos team Milks was absolutely phenomenal while team Adore’s was…. Interesting to say the least? Team Milk is safe and Darienne Lake is this weeks winner! You go girl.. No I mean go, get off the stage, I want to see them rip Gia Gunn a new one (I don’t care for that queen.. Can you tell?)
The bottom two come down to April and Vivacious sadly Gia Gunn was safe… Sighs. The dolls battle it out to Selena Gomez’s Shake it Up. And a fierce battle it is, but sadly Vivacious, one of New York’s legendary children goes home leaving April Carrion to stay another day.

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