Round Up: Street Style DC
[email protected] | Feb 9, 2012 | 12:15PM |

This is our second February round up of DC Street Style, and if you are not aware of it DC has got some style! Judge for yourselves, while we bring you the top picks of our favorite DC fashion bloggers, from Neon colors to cool kicks, be inspired! Enjoy these images, and make sure you check out their blogs where you will find more inspirations for your daily outfits! (oh, and if YOU are a street style blogger and would like to participate in these, let us know, email [email protected]).


This week in DC edgy street saw an influx of neon wildness. Neon is nothing new, let’s be honest. In true DC form, the style set in our fair city are doing it in a fresh way all over town. And boy are they doing it! With neon pink floral arrangements and a neon paisley shirt, Barney’s NYC mastermind Simon Doonan at the W Hotel is leading the pack, though the pompadoured ginger (!!!!!) with the neon scarf/ascot is one of my personal favorites. And OH HEY GIRL HEY, BYT’s own Svetlana was spotted wearing sheer neon and a poppin’ lip. Cheers!


Lil Dre is wearing 2 things we are really into right now:

  • A leather jacket with a layered hood
  • Hi-top sneakers. We are seeing hi-top hidden wedges on the runway lately (Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs), but we also like the original.

Mario wears 4 things we love right now:

  • A faded sweater with a loose neck. This sweater is a precursor to all the faded and dip-dyed shirts you will be seeing this Spring.
  • A canvas bag
  • Well worn dark brown leather boots – these never get old
  • A big chunky impactful accessory, in this case a watch


Shopping in DC lately I have seen a lot of orange in stores, from pretty shades of apricot to darker hues of rust. But I have not seen many people wearing the color on the street. Orange can be tricky, but with the right things it can really make an outfit. Let this surprise of sunshine inspire you to wear orange!

Photo by Lea Colombo


She is wearing:

I work for the weekends and wearing the “funner” stuff in my wardrobe, for the lack of a better word.  Such as my shorter skirts and a more socially acceptable sized purse, because really, some of my favorite bags just won’t cut it during the week.  If it can’t have everything I use to get ready in the mornings shoveled into it, we have a major problem-o!  That’s totally me, the girl who doesn’t really wake up early enough to do her hair and who is doing full eye make-up at every right light, eye lash curler and all.  The weekends are really my chance to play around with my purchases, get dolled up, and truly embrace my own personal style.

I’ve worn that sweater countless times since I got it (great buy, a slouchy sweater) and i purchased this leather moto jacket for it’s soft leather and extra floppy collar.