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New Column! Every week-we will be rounding up some of our favorite DC street style bloggers and having them pick a look or two they particularly loved this week, all in an effort to celebrate what we see on the streets of our District these days. Enjoy & make sure to check out their blogs for even more inspiring looks: (oh, and if YOU are a street style blogger and would like to participate in these, let us know, email [email protected])


Alejandra Avellaneda

She really wanted to wear the houndstooth coat so she paired it with bright pants to provide contrast. Also, the little indian charms on her camera strap were purchased during her recent trip to Cuzco, Peru. Taken at the CapFABB metup at Madewell on 1/24/12.
What she’s wearing
  • Houndstooth coat: Express
  • Bright coral pants: J Crew
  • Shoes: White House Black Market
  • Bracelets: Vintage – Cross bracelet is from Cuzco in Peru


First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Kate Warren, and I am a photographer. I moved to DC from Vermont by way of New York, own a giant vintage crank telephone, and really, really enjoy a good mustache. That is all you’ll get about me here, but if you are curious to know more, hit up my style photography blog GoKateShoot after the jump. Now I’ll tell you a little about what you can expect here for GoKateShoot x BYT.
You won’t find shopping tips. I’m not going to tell you what to buy at JCrew, and most days, I’m not even going to specify where the clothes or other pieces are from. What I will do is tell you a story. I take photos because they are a visual medium through which to capture and tell someone’s story; I am fascinated with how people choose to communicate visually. A good friend once told me that true style is convincing everyone else that your details are the most fascinating, and it is those details and the process behind them that I capture through my work. That all sounds serious, but really I’m hyper-social and photo allows me to talk. to. everyone. No one is safe. If I like what you’re wearing, we’ll talk. I’ll yap your ear off, stroke your ego a little (read: a lot), and then we’ll shoot. That’s it.
So this week, I want to talk about hair. OH YES. For many, hair is a serious emotional decision, a reflection of their heritage and identity. For others, it is a chance to reinvent themselves every time they go to the salon. The selection of photos I chose to share with you this week feature women of all ages, races, and sexual orientations, but they have one thing in common; their hair is a definitive part of their style. High school punk chica with mirror-gloss rock hair and a youthful smile that denotes her age? I love it. She has stories about each and every one of her necklaces. A beautifully presented shaved head? Intimately feminine. Paired with a thick chartreuse knit, her strong, open face becomes the centerpiece of her look. From statement bangs (yep, that’s me, and you can thank a wild anarchic vintage clothing dealer in Istanbul for the first time I got crazy little short bangs, but that’s another story) to a big luscious afro (Elise Peterson rocking it like no one else can), some women wear their hair as a part of their identity. Some rock a style for years, while others relish the ability to become someone new every two months. Regardless of what they are wearing, a wild quaff says something about the sheer balls of the woman wearing it. And for that, I always respect.
GoKateShoot-3422 GoKateShoot-3724 GoKateShoot-3371 GoKateShoot-3712


What she’s wearing

  • vintage Brooks Brothers coat
  • Kate Hill dress
  • Brooks Brothers cardigan
  • Bally bag
  • Michael Kors watch
  • Topshop tights
  • Zara shoes


Cheralee Lyle

“The weather has been so moderate lately, its cold, but not quite snowing yet so you can get away with wearing just a few layers. This is my first attempt at trying a tribal print. Tribal prints are a no-brainer for summer but in neutral tones they can add a great rustic vibe to a wintery outfit. I love this coat because it feel like a blanket wrapped around me when I wear it, and who doesn’t love being wrapped up in a blanket? To save myself from looking like a bag lady I balanced the outfit with a bit of structure by wearing it with a clean white mens shirt and a black dress. And my trusty brown satchel handbag.
…I’m not sure if I spotted this luxury carpet store window as an interesting backdrop, or my coat was pulled to it to say hello to an old friend.”

(photo by Kate Warren)

(photo by Kate Warren)

(photo by Kate Warren)

(photo by Kate Warren)