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Ultra-talented DC-based artist Rose Jaffe’s BETWEEN opens in the Lab Gallery at Brentwood Arts Exchange today, and is set to be on view until January 9th, 2021. Featuring work mostly from her current fellowship at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, the solo show explores etching, mono printing and combining the two on a large French Tool printing press.

From Jaffe’s official statement:

“This work is centered around finding joy in a time of unrest. Vibrant portraits and colorful studies of shape and form shine light on a deep connection to nature, at times celebrated in organic/abstract forms and others in photo realistic representations of humans and plant life, underscoring the need we have for each other’s well being.

The artist understands the role both art making and existing in natural spaces as central to her experience surviving a pandemic. This work is a testament to her continued growth in medium and content during this time.


While there won’t be an in-person opening to celebrate, Brentwood Arts does allow limited capacity visitor viewings, and you’ll be able to access the show online as well.