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All summer ’16, Chris Burns and ROAM have been kicking out Petworth Park Summer Jams for FREE and the party continues and culminates tomorrow with an epic lineup. 1432 R DJs join DC heroes gone global Beautiful Swimmers for chapter three – check them going buck in Amsterdam last week!

The ROAM crew has been throwing these out of pocket and love for the neighborhood so if you’re digging what they’re putting down please check the donation link, maybe get yourself a dope tee shirt and support this worthy event.

Saturday, August 20th 5 PM to 9:30 PM, in Petworth Park (on the corner of 8th Street and Taylor St NW) just steps away from Upshur Street where you can grab your refreshments, cups, and whatever else you need to stay well hydrated (choice of drink open to interpretation. Get cups.)

petworth summer jam 3