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Night 2 of the Republican National Convention didn’t go well. It wasn’t a complete train wreck either. There was no violence and Eric Andre did get on the floor.

There wasn’t a cohesive theme or a unification of a somewhat divided party. Many delegates, including host state Ohio, didn’t get behind Trump. All 66 of Ohio’s votes went to Ohio Governor John Kasich. Kasich wasn’t there. He was at the Rock and Roll Hotel a few blocks away. He didn’t mention Trump in a short speech.


Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Ohio isn’t happy about it. Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t appear to be happy about it. But he did his job.

Some people are happy about Trump being the official GOP nominee. Other Trumps are happy.

People that enjoy the cult classic film Over The Top are happy.

The most swarmed celebrity on the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena who happened to stomp a man to death is happy.

UFC President Dana White is happy. He spoke during prime time. He likes Donald Trump because Donald Trump sat in the front row at some UFC events. The moral of the story is show up to things and people will say nice things.

The guys you see on the floor in suits wearing neon green and white hats tell the interns to pass out the signs and tell the delegates when to cheer, I think they’re happy. It was difficult to tell. They had to tell a lot of people to cheer at lot of times.

Outside the arena, vendors were happy selling bootleg merchandise featuring an appropriate of The Greatest that is wrong on the greatest level.

The people that look the most unhappy are the protestors. There are more pro-god protestors than any social justice group in Public Square.

Away from the arena, away from the protestors, we attended, “The Most Fab Party at the RNC.” Hosted by Breitbart News, it was a pro-gay, anti-Muslim party. Speakers included recently-banned-on-Twitter Milo Yiannopoulos.

It was a bust. About 100 actual supporters and 100 members of the media wondering what the fuck was going to happen. Nothing. Nothing happened. It’s a shell game of hate. What Yiannopoulos did to Leslie Jones is no different than what’s going on with this convention. The majority of Americans are pro-Ghostbusters or simply do not care. There’s a small collective of hateful individuals that are good with SEO that appeal to people that like to make digital noise.

Oh, forgot to mention, Gov. Kasich appears to be happy to not be at the actual convention.