stephanie | Apr 19, 2012 | 8:15AM | Uncategorized

Cheers, Internet. This anime Bud’s for you….

  • We’re sure you’ve already heard a thousand times over but in the slight off-chance you haven’tGLORY BE, Arrested Development is returning in 2013 with 10 brand new episodes that will be available on Netflix Instant Watch. The most recent news, however, is that all 10 episodes will be released at the same time. (Also recent news: Bob Loblaw will return and there’s a good possibility of additional seasons.) Marathon party over at my place? Lucille’s bringing the vodka.
  • And in the immortal words of Semisonic, every new beginning comes from Eastbound & Down‘s end. Helping us recover from the loss of the show is this montage of the best Kenny Powers insults ever. Farewell, Kenny. May you always have the bitchenest mullet in television heaven.
  • So James Cameron and Google executives might be backing a secret project to explore space and mine asteroids for natural resources…?
  • Speaking of James Cameron, I wonder if Titanic in 3D just makes it more obvious the plot devices were bullshit?
  • London is SO EXCITED for the Olympics. So excited, in fact, that they reached out to The Who’s manager, asking if drummer Keith Moon might be available to play at the ceremony; Keith Moon, who has been dead for 34 years. Great job, guys.
  • Maybe they should have asked this man. (Into Metal in Austin? Help a brother out. “Weak cow-fuckers” need not apply.)
  • Yes, yes, yes. A solid roundup of the absolute worst things in the world.
  • Wes Anderson just released seven new interactive posters for Moonrise Kingdom. Tweecentral.
  • Here’s a great new interview with The Black Keys, wherein they answer questions for each other in true engagement party game fashion. Pretty adorable.
  • AMAZING: photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos took a literal photo of a day by time lapsing roughly 500 star trails, 35 sun sequences and 25 landscape shots for around 30 hours and this was the result:
  • Who says romance is dead?

‘Til next time, keep up the good work.