good morning. welcome to the internet lair-where ANYTHING can happen:

  • first things first: Djokovic wins Australian Open, rips his shirt (you’re welcome)

  • dream team 2012: James Murphy, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim star in The Comedy, a film about bored, aging Brooklyn hipster dudes

  • the hard questions: What Sort of Moleskinneur Are You?

  • How was YOUR weekend? A 19 year old Demi Moore all up on this little kid at his birthday party in 1982. Whatever combination she’s got going on that night, it’s good stuff. (via buzzfeed)
  • as far as blooper reels go: The Artist‘s blooper reel is pretty much the classiest blooper reel ever. (via deadline)
  • DRINK OF THE DAY:  The Alien Brain Hemorrhage contains 1 part peace schnapps, 1 part Bailey’s Irish cream, and 2 parts grenadine.

    till next time, keep up the good work: