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Internet is your bitch:

  • hipster heaven vs. hipster haven (via The Frisky)

  • supercut to end all supercuts: 48 years of Doctor Who adventures in under 10 minutes:
  • some people will say ANYTHING to get you to….: Newt Gingrich made perhaps the most grandiose promise of any candidate since JFK: A permanent American moon base by the end of his second term.
  • putting things into perspective: A pair of Toronto high school students sent a Lego man into space two weeks ago.
  • speaking of Kennedy: Remaining 45 hours of secret JFK tapes released (and they say: Don’t trust anyone named Newt-or do they?)
  • it’s all about the small victories (and just in time for Superbowl): never eat wings you don’t want again (click to enlarge)

till next time, keep up the good work: