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“Right This Second” is 1 part Panda Head and many parts NYmag’s LookBook, and it’s all about current favorite outfits around the District.

Daisy Lacy is co-owner of the recently re-opened Smash! Records on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. Alongside the vintage and new clothing the store carries (to say nothing of the records, CDs, tapes, shoes, boots and MORE), Daisy sells her own line of embellished and revamped vintage pieces, handmade jewelry, and original silkscreens. If you missed her appearance at Crafty Bastards last month (and even if you didn’t), head over to Smash! STAT to check out what she’s been working on for Fall.


What about your outfit reflects your personal style? Is anything about it (color, cut, shape) out of the ordinary for you?
I think this outfit fits pretty well into my closet. Everything I own is a mishmash of decades and colors. This is pretty standard for me – I probably wear these boots and cardigan everyday and I’m always up for a mini.

Where have you worn or where are you going to wear this outfit? Would you consider it multipurpose or is it specific to a certain type of day or event?
This is the first time out for the umbrella vest-I’m pretty stoked about it. This is a good outfit for a cold day in October – hence the hat and tights. I love hat weather.

Choose 2 of the pieces you’re wearing, and tell us how else you’d style them.
I suppose if I had to change something I’d unfold the boots and maybe lose the belt.

The old rule is “get dressed, but take one thing off before you leave the house.” Is there anything you could have done without?
I actually changed my belt a couple times before I left the house. and subtracted a necklace.

When did you get/where did you get/how much was each piece?
The hat, belt, boots, cardigan and vest were all thrifted a while ago on the cheap. The skirt ($25) and tights ($8) are from Smash! – I’m an economical shopper!

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